Fukushima: one year after

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Fukushima: one year after
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Fukushima: one year after. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

bourgeois idiocy

This article just about manages to cover all the issues facing humanity at tbe present time. It covers the apparently total idiocy of tbe bourgeoisie it it's crazed pursuit of profit at any cost, and the mindless and deadly destruction of environments and people that results from this, and it illustrates the horrors that can be imposed on an unwary proletariat, at the mercy of it's exploiters. The Japanese PM demanded "the formation of a suicide team" to ease pressure in the plant. A sort of up-to-date kamikaze mission, we might say. Give your life for the nation. These suiciders, poorly educated locals, were barely equipped (after all the bourgeoisie had been taken by surprise hadn't they? After all, be fair, who would have expected a tsunami on the coast, or even an earthquake in an area known for fault-lines, or a poorly built nuclear reactor,also on the coast, to be hammered by both?) Some workers even slept in the place - under lead blankets! I bet the bosses didn't! The catalogue of lunacies perpetrated by the bourgeoisie with regard to nuclear fission, not just in Japan but all round the developed globe, is well presented in this coherently presented article which covers so much in such a small space. For as the author says: "The nuclear power plants embody the insurmountable contradiction between the search for profit and the long-term protection of man and nature." But don't think however that this is going to worry our hard-exploiting bourgeois in any way. Anything goes as long as it makes money. Bugger everything else, and all the whining workers too, just looking for hand-outs.

So much did I like this article that I sent it to a friend, who likes occasionally to read something from the ICC. He said: "Thank god I'm old! We are screwed whether the proles win the battle or not."
Which does raise the question of what exactly a victorious proletariat will be faced with after the revolution; not just society,
but the dire state of the whole planet. The bourgeoisie having taken care to shit on everything, and everyone, during their dictatorship.

Fukushima in CL 31

There is an excellent article entitled 'From Hiroshima to Fukushima' as in the journal 'Communist Left' of the I.C.P, which can be seen on their website  international-communist-party.org.  It printed out on 6 pages of A4.