Migrants and Refugees: Victims of Capitalist Decline

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Migrants and Refugees: Victims of Capitalist Decline
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Migrants and Refugees: Victims of Capitalist Decline. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

a sad and gruesome story

Heinrich wrote:
And yet we need to distinguish economic migration from wars: every refugee is a migrant, but not every migrant is a refugee. A migrant is someone who leaves his residence in search of a place where he can sell his labour power. A refugee is someone whose life is at stake in an immediate way and moves elsewhere to find a safe place.

This morning again there was gruesome and very sad footage on the tv news of migrant-refugees drowning in cold dark seas at night off the coast of the beautiful island of Samos. Being aware of the beauty just makes it all worse. Various people had drowned or, in the case of a couple of two year olds, possibly  died from the cold and the shock of undergoing what to them must have been a most terrifying and inexplicable experience.  Uprooted from home, dragged across unknown lands  with strange languages, put in an overcrowded small boat in the deadly cold of the night and taken across the sea, who knew why, on the way to who knew where, then suddenly capsized and hurled into the chilly water itself.  

All this was caught on film. The crying and screaming, the mayhem, The dead bodies eventually located in the dark and pulled from the ocean. The little toddlers dead.  God it made  you cry! 

Then dawn and some daylight on a rescue ship. The very young and shatteringly and suddenly bereaved parents had their faces misted out in the film, but the anguished sobbing of the poor young mother couldn't be stifled nor later the gaunt blank expression on her young husband's face as they disembarked. He couldn't believe what had taken place. Fleeing a country in chaos, fleeing a war of extreme craziness,  was not this man both refugee looking for safety and migrant looking for a new start in a new place with a new supposed security for his young family?  A false dream. Now he had more or less lost everything except his wife. Maybe he was lucky there.  But everything else was gone. Both children and all belongings and all sense of a rational future. All engulfed by the sea.

The owner of the swamped vessel, a young man of twenty, was also traumatised by this catastrophe as well he might be.  He was arrested by Greek police and soldiers.  For he was a people smuggler. A new type of job in a new kind of world that nobody would choose to live in.  A people smuggler. He was violently seized and dragged away.  His life ruined too. But not before he was forceably sat down in front of the dead bodies of the two drowned kids, covered over, where he at last broke down and sobbed aloud himself.

What unhappiness, devastation and misery. And all because of a decomposing economic system light years past its sell-by date, and maintained by a deranged and stupefying ruling  class of idiots, the like of which, the horror of which history has never before made manifest nor thrust down all our throats in such a repulsive way.  


Referring to the victims of capitalist war and crisis as "swarms" and generally comparing them to insects (in the manner of Kati Hopkins and David Cameron) has no place on an internationalist discussion forum.  

The number one objective is

The number one objective is to fight for national sovereignty, and establish Tower/Generator social systems that make the citizenry immune to the manipulations of the monetarist controllers, and their periodically planned global economic crashes (stock market, mortgage meltdown, etc..)


Is this your opinion or what you think the aim of the capitalists is?


because ideas about 'national sovereignty' are not going to help workers. We have no nation afterall.

Perhaps Russell would be more

Perhaps Russell would be more at home on a site like Infowars or rense -- any site that peddles bizarre alternative technologies and populist conspiracy theories about monetarists/illuminatis/bilderbergs etc. Certainly I don't think his posts have any place here.