Socialist leadership bourgeois style.

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Socialist leadership bourgeois style.
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Sky News now refer to Jeremy Corbin as a socialist, and conduct increasing numbers of interviews with Wedgewood  Benn Jnr., who is himself no slouch when it comes to socialism and love of the working class and it's profit making activities, just like his erstwhile  commie father before him. 

Benn Jnr. Is a great talker and makes things difficult for those interviewing him as he will not give way, just ups the volume, and can seemingly talk without needing to breathe. Benn Jnr. Is a great supporter of labour's new red hot socialist leader but will vote against him nevertheless and with the Tories on the question of bombing Isis-Daesh as he calls it when the House of Commons  divides today. After all, as he pointed out several times, such a strategy now has the unanimous support of the UN, that great oracle in New York. 

When tackled eventually by a persistent interviewer on the subject of how farcical it was that the socialist leadership of J. Corbin was being challenged over the bombing, which Corbin doesn't like -  after all bourgeois political parties are expected to follow their leaders, are they not, and if they dont doesn't it mean the leader is proven to be no good and just a joke? - Benn Jnr. expressed a happy disagreement with this traditional sentiment. No, he insisted. On the contrary,  this "free vote" which Corbin as leader had wisely bestowed on his troubled party, was just democracy in action, and proof of what  a great socialist he was! 

If this statement startled and befuddled the TV interviewer for whom strong leadership and meek passivity in party members, and in the public and wider citizenry in general, is the essential  hallmark of bourgeois democracy, then he quickly recovered. But he changed the subject.  

David Cameron wouldn't be going ahead with this debate and division, the interviewer asserted, if he wasn't pretty convinced that he would win the vote and would thus be able to go ahead with the bombing he so longed to engage in, along with France, which has suffered so much, Russia, so recently humiliated, the USA, so strangely enigmatic under Obama and various other hangers-on.  After all, Cameron couldn't afford to lose the vote, and was putting himself at risk.  The ever-brave PM!  

We cut-away briefly to a shot of the PM in number 10, who repeated what the interviewer had already opined about supporting our allies etc.  Benn Jnr concurred, and said again that it was the UN's support of bombs that had changed his mind on the issue, and had doubtless stiffened Cameron's resolve. But he reiterated firmly that the great JC was now a proven socialist and confident defender of democracy in his own right, and with the support of many constituency members.  So there!  

The irony is of course, in all this great moralistic but nevertheless  bourgeois debate, that Great Britain, once ruler of the waves, only has eight planes on hand capable of bombing anybody!  But nobody mentioned that. And many pundits keep turning up to repeat that just bombing IS is a waste of time and money anyway. Ah! The bourgeois world.