Paris: Down with terrorism! Down with war! Down with capitalism!

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Paris: Down with terrorism! Down with war! Down with capitalism!
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Paris: Down with terrorism! Down with war! Down with capitalism!. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

A strong and powerful article

This is a very strong and powerful article.  The ICC on top form! Anyone with doubts about decomposition and its ever  widening ever deepening stench should  read this. But, in addition, the ICC  still manages to project a sense of confidence in the proletarian solution we all want and wait for. My pessimism has been dealt a blow! And the quotes from Luxemburg still say it all. 


Agree with Fred. Agree with the article.

Decomposition and irrationality

I agree with the above.

Isis and its ilk are secretions of decomposition but, as the text makes clear, the major force of decomposition and militarism come from the big powers and from their concentration in Europe and elsewhere. Decomposition is not some ghost that appears on the periphery and comes to haunt us but is an emanation of the major centres of capitalism. In essence the Caliphate of Isis has the same ideology of the democratic nation state and its patriotic defence. It is these democratic nations that have exported their genocide to the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. And it’s back to these states that the war and its refugees come as Europe is affected by the bombings and massacres that are part of the daily life of these blighted regions which the civilised bourgeoisie has no hesitation in reducing to ruins for the interests of their own nations. Just half-a-dozen committed jihadist/gangster elements can paralyse major countries of Europe and, as the text says, they know they are coming but there’s nothing they can do about it. The text also points to the generation in France that fought on a class basis in the struggles of 2006 and it  was these who were aimed at in great part and it further shows the importance of these elements and the rest of their class in the heartlands of Europe for the struggle against war and militarism.

With its patriotic orgies and lies comes the state’s repression and shutdown stifling assembly and discussion. French climate change protesters are already under virtual house arrest for a whole period. There’s a real weight from this on the working class for a while as the bourgeoisie internationally bares its teeth
The Russian bomber
The ICC and the ICT have diverging positions on decomposition. Though the latter are forced to talk about it, to describe it, or deny reality they have to see this as an idealist interpretation of the ICC. That’s because that’s how they define themselves. Thus the wars around the above elements  must, for the ICT, have a mechanical economic relationship which, in the case of the Middle East, is various agreements around pipelines, energy supplies, etc. Weeks ago the ICT was pointing to the Turkish/Russian rapprochement over the southern stream pipeline. That particularly crude argument has been blown out of the sky along with a Russian bomber – though the ICT are now developing what they think is a rational economic basis for Turkish/Caliphate relations – again crude in more senses than one.

Just prior to the Russian intervention on behalf of Assad and the Syrian military (and Iran and Hezbollah), Turkey sent armed Turkmen forces across the border into Syria flanked by Turkish armour in order to a) split the US-backed Kurdish YPG forces that were becoming entrenched along the Turkish/Syrian border and b) to attack Syrian military forces. It was clear a month ago that, pipeline or no pipeline, imperialist tensions were rising between Turkey and Russia.

So we have a situation of a proxy war between the US and Russia in Syria where Russian forces attack the Nato-member’s Turkish forces that themselves are directly attacking a favoured US ally in the YPG. This is indicative of just a small element in the whole irrational and decomposing mess. Turkey has now threatened to open up a new front against Russia by helping Azerbaijan regain the disputed territory of Nargorno-Karabakh now under the control of Russian-backed Armenia (tens of thousands dead and millions of refugees from the war in the 90’s). See the Times yesterday: “Turkey tells Putin to stop playing with fire in the Syrian war”.

This is a new level of irrationality and menace, a further step in decomposition, in a region already fraught with potential dangers and, further along this line, the actions of the Turkish bourgeoisie threaten to destabilise their own nation state.


Just to add that the great coalition of Fraternity, etc., is already falling apart with Franco-American disagreements of the way forward in Syria with the former seeming to favour working with the Russians and a deal with Assad. Germany's position will be interesting here.

We cannot fight terrorism without fighting capitalism!

Agree that the article is from an internationalist perspective. Terrorism is a product of decadent social system, namely capitalism. We cannot fight terrorism without fighting capitalism!

“The continuation of terrorist attacks, Ankara, Beirut, Paris, Bamako ... Intensification of savagery and barbarism of capitalism”