Good news about Greek soldiers

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Good news about Greek soldiers
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Theres a fascinating statement on leftcom from - as it says above in the link - Greek soldiers who are fed up with doing capitalism's dirty work, and even fed up with capitalism! Some good news at last

It mightn't be perfection but it's a start. 

Greek soldiers

The statement referred to ends as follows.


Greek soldiers wrote:
 We are part of a modern anti-war and labour movement that can exist only within a working class, anti-capitalist and internationalist perspective. We resist, oppose, and totally reject the government, its imperialist mechanisms, and the bourgeois world of oppression.

Pity they didn't say what they want instead.  But maybe next time? 

I was talking to an ex-army

I was talking to an ex-army acquaintance. Aside from the obvious that they have the guns I can't think of many workplaces where everyone is so close that unofficial strike action doesn't carry the threat of irresponsibility toward dependents etc.

um if this is illegal can

um if this is illegal can someone tell me? i posted it in a few places

the recent "strike" (i think?) action by greek soldiers made me think whether unofficial / non-unionised action is more likely in the armed forces, than in civilian roles - at least on a huge international scale. if we assume that you need a certain level of trust for it to occur, and that union action isn't a stepping stone toward it... but then the next question, is what sort of crisis is needed for the armed forces to "strike", especially in such a way etc. that civilian workers (who may already be conscious enough to act in harmony with an overt communist tendency, if not actively risk their livelihood day in day out) to take control of the workplace. however much even large scale social activism (e.g. the anti war marches in the uk in the early 2000s) occurs, it seem unlikely if not impossible that it would press the armed forces into any form of activism. so we're only left with the greek soldiers, and perhaps a peace movement - though i'm not sure why trained soldiers would balk at war unless it was very clearly inhumane etc. my conclusion fwiw is that maybe proletarian groups should not necessarily seek individual struggles, but act to sustain rather than raise consciousness against the bourgeoisie and management, and attempt to spread a message of (if not "peace" then) i suppose - humanity

basically: INTERNTIONALIST HUMANISM ? and of course "conditions" ...