Migrants and refugees: the cruelty and hypocrisy of the ruling class

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Migrants and refugees: the cruelty and hypocrisy of the ruling class
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Migrants and refugees: the cruelty and hypocrisy of the ruling class. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

antagonostic logics

WH writes:

 For the bourgeoisie, one of the key issues has been the need to hide the fact that there are two totally antagonistic logics at work here: capitalist exclusion and ‘every man for himself’ versus proletarian solidarity; a dying system sinking into barbarism versus the affirmation of a class which bears within itself the future flourishing of humanity. The bourgeoisie cannot avoid reacting to the real feelings of indignation and solidarity which are appearing in the central countries.

I so much want to say something about this but don't know exactly what it is! It's to do with the bourgeoisie having to hide the "antagonistic logics" of what's taking place in the context of the refugee exodus. As WH expresses it so brilliantly:   this manifests itself simply as capitalist exclusion and every one for themselves versus the human capacity for love underpinning working class  solidarity. Or, put another way, bourgeois barbarism versus the affirmation of the class which bears the future of humanity within itself. It's so simple and so clear.

 The refugee crisis dramatizes for us daily on our TV screens the great and final question facing humanity now. The dead end of  the sickening competition of each against all which is the bourgeois way of life;  or the newness and strange arousal of itchy feelings about a world of comradeship and love  awaiting conscious affirmation  by a still suppressed working class. The giant asleep. 

Capitalist exclusion attacks us from all sides.  The barbed wire fences, the protective walls, the endless propaganda on TV and in newspapers, the increasingly shrill politicians disguising  fear and hatred of the refugee invaders with sugared tolerance, generosity and charity of the most poisonous kind.  For surely many of these refugees will soon find themselves in unbearable living conditions sustained by poor wages in overworked jobs. 

This morning on the TV as the rain poured in Macedonia,  bedraggled migrants in clothing suited to warmer days were attacked by goons sent by officialdom to emphasise the lack of welcome and help now being extended to them there. . Capitalist exclusion at work. The goons attacked the migrants with truncheons and made them kneel down.  It reminded me of scenes in Serbia during the Balkans massacres, but then most of these refugees are Muslim too. But the cameraman shooting these scenes did something to leaven the horror and gave us beautiful  close-ups of the many children involved in this long  trek North. Lovely eastern  eyes. 

If  Germany really does want to help these people out by taking larger numbers than any other European state then I wondered why doesn't it try and help them out on their awful journey, in places like Lesbos, Macedonia and Hungary?  

The bourgeoisie can't avoid reacting to the refugees and the feelings of indignation and solidarity  they trigger, but must really hate and resent it all.  So, while spouting expression of welcome to those who make it, they are also plotting and thinking of ways in which to stop it all before more damage is done.   


According to Sky news today,

According to Sky news today, it seems that Angela Merkel and Germany don't  actually want to help out the refugees anymore than does David Cameron and the UK,   Germany has closed its borders to any more refugees, as has Hungary, Austria and Macedonia. Not sure about Serbia. But people in the business of building and selling fences continue to prosper, and Hungary appears to heading for a record breaking barbed wire piece of nastiness both in terms of length and height! 

So what happens to refugees trapped between hurriedly closed  international borders, trapped in spaces  which can soon deteriorate into  infamous no-man's-lands as in the World Wars,  and in tiny little places like Lesbos? Slow death from starvation and cold as Autumn sets in? Or a sad, frightened and miserable return back "home"? I doubt however  they'll receive a better welcome back home on their return than they have on their journey to Europe, which is beginning to snarl and show its decaying teeth like Syria itself. 

But Cameron will sort it all out and has gone to Syria to do just that and to see for himself and will urge the setting up of Gulags, Auschwitz replicas, prison camps  and the like, indeed anything to keep these surplus and wretched people locked away out of sight, dying and suffering quietly,  and  preferably well away from the prying eyes of TV and film cameras. And I notice that the young and very good TV reporter on Sky, snatched away from his post in China to cover the refugee crisis, has also disappeared from our screens.  Perhaps the massive sympathy he showed for the despairing people, and the continual criticisms he began making of the various bourgeois authorities aiming to bring the migrant exodus to a speedy halt proved too much for Sky's owners and managers, who, in any case, have now turned most of their sneering attention to the mockery of Jeremy Corbin. 

How predictable the bourgeoisie is! 

According to a UN spokesman

According to a UN spokesman in "The Independent" today less than a third of refugees ever return to the countires that they fled from. Given the great increase then large numbers of refugees and their plight are now a permanent feature of decomposing capitalism.

To expand on a point that I made on the other thread concerning the ending of the "Arab Spring": this movement didn't just "run out of steam", it wasn't just that the working class didn't act more decisively in order to take a lead - though there were elements of these aspects - but there was no time to reflect because the movement was crushed in blood and terror, opening the way for more blood and terror. The main agencies responsible for this deliberate counter-attack against these movements of revolt in the Middle East were the same ones responsible for the democratic repression of and attacks on their populations in Europe and America. These were the manipulators and organisers of the imperialist forces that were unleashed in the Middle East. There are also the local gangsters and their interests and the general descent into decomposition but the Arab spring was crushed with the full support and active involvement of the ministries of Europe. This, in part, is what makes the question of Europe, and the responsibility of the European proletariat so important. The effects of the wars in the Middle East are not just "coming home" they have already been exported there by the bourgeoisie of Europe in the first place and if there's to be any attempt to confront imperialism it must take place in Europe. It's not a "refugee crisis" from distant wars but the consequences of imperialism at the heart of capitalism.