Migrants at Calais

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Migrants at Calais
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Does anyone admire the tenacity of those homeless migrants struggling at Calais for what they see as a better life? They are refugees fleeing various horrors back where they came from. I won't call it home. Home implies  something warm,  secure and comforting. Clearly these guys didn't have that.  They seem to prefer what they have now, in those cold, tattered and barren encampments round Calais. If this is preferable to what they escaped from then what they fled must be truly awful. 

Their determination to escape what they suffered before and go in search of something new, is surely a manifestation of the fundamental impulse that drives all revolutionary movements.  Not of course that these guys are revolutionaries.  They are completely taken in by the idea that some kind of better life awaits across the Channel.  David Cameron encourages this false notion by painting a picture of working class life in Britain that beggars belief. Britain, according to him, is a cornucopia of goodies the provision of which, from well paid jobs, to free Health Care,  excellent education services and housing, makes Britain sound like the land flowing with milk and honey that so bemused the biblical  Jews. Cameron appears to share the false dream of the migrants, which fantasy brought them here in the first place, that Britain is happy and prosperous. That capitalism can after all be equated with happiness and growth for humanity, and that Britain - almost alone according to Cameron - has got it. Somebody should point out that his view is not the only one around,  and contains a few inaccuracies. But the migrants wouldn't won't to believe this anyway. For them, crossing the channel is the only solution left to a miserable and unbearable life elsewhere.  

There was some recent TV footage of a couple of men trying to manhandle a small kid over a barbed wire fence in Calais. It was difficult. The kid snagged his trousers on the wire and got stuck. The men were despairing.  The film cutaway.  It was unbearable to watch and have to identify with their feelings, their fear  and frustration. Calais is all fences, razor wire, and desperation. It reminds me of the concentration camps filmed at the end of world war 2. All fences barbed wire and desperation. The  migrants aren't Jewish  of course. Yet aren't these international migrants forced into  a similar role?  Nobody wants them. No country wants them. They are despised by bourgeois political leaders everywhere and their embarrassing plight needs some final solution. 

A decent proper human kind of solution will never be found though. These people are not wanted. They are capitalism's rejected detritus like shit.  Capitalism's detritus is expected to toe the line, have a job, have a country to identify with, and to cause no trouble.  These refugees, homeless migrants, gypsies and the like are not like that. They're trouble-makers. Unintentionally they threaten the social order.  They break the rules. They are illegal. They have no rights.  They must be stopped for the good of the capitalist system! 


In in the meantime however, it is the migrants who do the stopping. They stop traffic in the channel tunnel and bring whole cavalcades of container  lorries to a halt on Britains motorways. Trade is disrupted. People's  plans  are disrupted In holiday August itself! And all for a few discontents fleeing from southern lands. Why don't they just shut up and go away?