The Massacre of students in Mexico: the real face of rotting capitalism

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The Massacre of students in Mexico: the real face of rotting capitalism
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: The Massacre of students in Mexico: the real face of rotting capitalism. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Clarity from Mexico

What a superb paragraph this is. So clearly and simply stated.  So intelligent and to the point. So brave; and  so sure of itself and confident in its correctness and essential  humanity.  

 Proletarian solidarity is not a blind following of demonstrations and slogans, but criticism without concession of everything which prevents the development of proletarian struggle – as one class on a world level – against the bourgeoisie, capital and the state. It is indispensable to recover these methods of struggle, which are foreign to minority violence and authoritarian and militarist organisation. It’s not a matter of whether demonstrations are “peaceful” or not. It is a question of their content: how they contribute, or not, to the development of an autonomous perspective of the proletariat and its generalisation. By autonomy we don’t mean the regional autonomy typical of the petty-bourgeoisie, but the autonomy of the proletariat faced with other classes. It is a question of retrieving from the history and world experience of the working class the forms of struggle and the methods which really develop solidarity with the rest of the working class, its capacity for serious reflection, its ability to struggle on a class terrain. It is consequently necessary to break with the ideology of martyrdom and blind discipline advocated by the FECSM Along with these, standing against a real struggle, are the social democratic parties and NGO’s, the tactics of isolation imposed both by the “official” unions and their “rank and file” counter-parts, and the elitist violence of groups pretending to give “an example” with their individual and minority actions to what is supposed to be a “passive and obedient mass of workers”. At the origin of all these practices is the thought of the petty-bourgeoisie and the general framework of the left of capital.

I pick out a few points that caught my eye. 

 (1) It isn't a question of "peaceful"demonstrations  or not, but a question of CONTENT. Do demonstrations contribute to develop proletarian autonomy and thus consciousness?  That's what matters.

(2) The SOLIDARITY of the working class is not "a blind following of demonstrations and slogans" but defined to include the "capacity for serious reflection" the "ability to struggle on a class terrain" and total  rejection of "the ideology of martyrdom and blind discipline" so alluring to the phony left of bourgeois politics. This in short is LEFTISM with its  "elitist violence" and  love of worker isolation in selected and carefully compartmentalised categories. To put  it it plainly: UNIONISM. 

(3) The view the bourgeoisie has of the working class as a "passive and obedient mass of workers" is a view sadly which we so frequently support  as our struggles subside.  But the solution  is to be aware of this and admit it, and  look to the re-emergence of our own class autonomy as the antidote to our subjection.  Awareness is all: and consciousness too. 

(4) Because what we are fighting against initially is "petty-bourgeois" thought patterns which permeate and poison our own;  and also "the general  framework of the left of capital" wth its lies and confusions. These are what contribute so much to  hold us back. 


So thank you Mexican comrades for a good and thought provoking statement, even if generated by a foul and criminal bourgeois act of terror.  So thank you again. Please write more.