Forum topic: Food crisis: the price of capitalist greed that will kill us in hunger (report from the Philippines)

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Forum topic: Food crisis: the price of capitalist greed that will kill us in hunger (report from the Philippines)
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Food crisis: the price of capitalist greed that will kill us in hunger (report from the Philippines). The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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Quote: The Philippine

 The Philippine president even quipped that there was no such thing as rice shortage because it is "a physical phenomenon where people line up on the streets to buy rice. Do you see lines today?"  

There wouldn't be much point in lining up in the streets to buy rice if you didn't have enough or any money, would there?  But you could of course always sell a kidney. Have you ever thought of that western reader?  Selling body parts as the only way left to get money?  But perhaps we haven't quite been reduced to that level of desperate poverty  in the fabulous, wealthy and developed world just yet?  

And in the taken-for-granted catch phrase "developed world" what exactly does "developed" mean? That you don't  need to sell a kidney as yet; that "development" is to be measured in terms of pollution and ecological disaster - in which case the development is truly stupendous, grossly stupid  and on the verge of destroying the planet - or that the rich get richer and own just about everything, everybody and nearly all the money? This is "develoment" capitalist style. 

I saw a tv program about poor people selling their kidneys in the Philippines which isn't regarded as part of the developed world, and it shocked me. I've also seen recently tv programmes about illegal abortions in the Phillipines (they have to be illegal because the Phillipines is a christian country and catholic too, so abortion's  a sin and forbidden) so if you already have nine kids you can't  feed, and are now going to have one more -  because contraception is denied to devout Catholics as another sin, and few can get more devout than the poor and uneducated in which category South East Asia abounds, including specially the  catholic Phillipines - you'll need money and may find the opportunity to sell a body part the only option left as a means to getting it. Years ago you might have been able to feed your huge  family by going fishing, but fish stocks today  in S. East  Asia are so depleted by over-fishing ( so many people are starving now and the sea was once a solution) plus the all-pervasive varieties of marine pollution, that you can fish all day and catch  nothing at all. about a kidney sale.  After all you do have two!  Nature is so provident. And they are just commodities to sell like everything else. Would you sell a testicle, or an ovary, if you could?  The trouble with selling a kidney illegally (because the state doesn't allow it, and only permits the appalling poverty that creates the market) is that gangster middle men and dubious surgeons on the secretive make dominate the whole sordid business. You can have a "free" and illegal medical to make sure you're kidney is in working and in  saleable order but having the medical means you're now a labelled item for the exploiters  to swoop down on, as vultures to carrion.  Beware! You're a marked person!   You'll get beaten up or worse if you try to withdraw from the wheeler-dealing business you've got involved in and from which you as impoverished donor will emerge with the smallest profit percentage of all the blood suckers involved.  Kidneys are are in short supply throughout the world and people  will pay a lot to get one if they are in dire need. The shortage and the demand inflate the illegal market. A poverty stricken country like the Phillipines is easy prey to the vagaries of decomposition which now extends to the buying and selling of body parts. But at least some payment is involved.  Sometimes.  There are stories of people being  drugged, and waking up in a cold bath having undergone  a forced organ theft and instructions nearby for how to telephone for medical assistance.   There are no limits at all to the crimes and underhanded machinations of capitalist society in its death throes.