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Good News for Democracy
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Don't let the winter get you down, there's good news all round. 

Obama is going to spend his final years as president attacking the grumpy and sour faced  republicans where it hurts most. Taxes'll zoom and the rich'll end up paying for everything and everybody. It's easy when you know how!  Healthcare?  Don't mention it. Just wait and see. The whole point about capitalism is to make the rich pay for the poor then everyone's more or less happy.  Except for the whining rich of course, but their  number is so small who cares? It's surprising nobody thought of this before? 

So why didn't Obama do this earlier?  That's simple.  Electoral demands!  First win your election - after all you cant do anything unless you're in office  -  then sweep into action.  And as he isn't up for any more elections and has nothing to lose, and still has a reputation to make as a caring president not like Bush,  so let's throw discretion to the wind and make a final splash that'll have 'em all running  for umbrellas.  And then  there's the  sly rumors around the American economy is on the mend again  for a few weeks (that's a bit of luck, how did that happen?   though you shouldn't believe all you read) and  with additional luck there won't be anymore really noticeable wars till after Hilary gets in, so you might say everything's fine.


 Obama's winning. The greatest, most peace loving  president we've ever had. Didn't he close Guantanamo? Didn't he get the Peace Prize and stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Hasn't he been the great hope for capitalism as a living and caring system that only  wants peace, love, prosperity and health for everyone on the planet?  And then there is The Planet.  What about the planet? Didn't this amazing capitalist president in love  with the environment like politicians everywhere, especially when it can be commoditized and sold for profit,  even stop the US drilling for oil in  Arctic Alaska for a couple of years, and introduce Fracking  instead?  What a clever Machiavellian presidential move.  The devastating effects of this obnoxious Fracking technique dont show up for years and now the victorious US capitalist economy  - the very basis of universal alienated freedom!  - is released for ever from the slimy shackles of the Arabian mafia, typical foreigners, only out for a quick buck. Well, till the oil dries up at least. Oh yes!  Another triumph for US capitalist know-how. Let the world look on and learn how to exploit and get away with it. 

In fact the world does look on and it's rulers and current owners, do  go on exploiting both humanity and the planet with ever intoxicated fury.  Democracy continues to grind us all down, to wear us all out with lies and promises of money and a better future that constantly recedes  so that the rich can go on screwing the world  unfettered and for ever.  Is their end not in sight yet? Or will they only end with the end of the world itself as we know it? All pollution, famine and climate catastrophes. 

But, as was said at the start, don't let the winter get you down.  Hasn't the mighty Cameron, UK PM, and new Obama buddy, not promised FULL EMPLOYMENT in the UK should the Tories get a majority in the next election?  Wow!  There's a thought!  Makes you wonder why we've had under and unemployment so extensively for the last five years. Was it all just a deliberate mistake? Was it just an exercise in precarity like how to use a bomb shelter in case of war,  Anyway, with a wave of his upgraded super silicone coated wifi controlled wand the new Wizard of Oz, or Wizard of Uk, with support from which ever bourgeois democratic party of slime, on left or right of capitalism, chooses to help him out,  will if returned as supremo, now guarantee an underpaid, totally mind and body destroying job for everybody alive in the country.   What horror. Only death offers escape!  Or proletarian revolution! Ahh! 




Hey, gas prices sure have

Hey, gas prices sure have come down. I guess I can finally buy that Hummer, I've had my eye on!

Make sure to grab the hybrid

Make sure to grab the hybrid model. I heard it gets up to 10 mpg. Slightly better than a T-50......tank.

There is a hybrid Hummer? I'm

There is a hybrid Hummer? I'm all over that. Hopefully, my credit is good enough.

I wish I had a car I could

I wish I had a car I could talk about. 

Or some revolutionary tunes.

Or some revolutionary tunes.


Is it possible to compare  Obama  with Mandela? After all they're  both famous presidents and both black. Is that where their similarity ends?  

Mandela was the great fighter against apartheid  - a terrorist some might  say - who spent years in prison, forgave everybody when he came out, claimed to love everyone, like a good Christian, and became a universally loved President,  adored by the rich and famous, and celebrities seeking photo opportunities,  as an example of how to submit passively to capitalism's political  requirements without complaint, and was even adored by large numbers of extremely oppressed black workers in Africa and beyond who saw him as some kind of liberating figure.  Though he never liberated anyone from the chains of capital, only perhaps in popular theory from the chains of color,  and never really intended too, as he appeared to believe  that society was all right as it was - now that colored folk were set free and rendered equal to the whites  - and  could hardly be bettered. (NB. If he did think it was open to improvement of  any  kind he kept it to himself.)  He fronted the the unacceptable reality  of capitalism with a smiling face and Christian values which he and Archbishop Tutu apparently assumed as negating any residual political nastiness now that apartheid had gone.  Of course it never  really went, neither in the region of skin colour any more than  in the area of class exploitation. 

Obama started off his Presidency similarly adored by that segment of society who saw in him, and more significantly heard in what he said, the signs at last of a liberating American  President who was black. Did his blackness somehow give promise of honest and radical intentions?  He definitely said all the right things, was much more politically outspoken than Mandela ever was, and named some of the things wrong with American society that folk guessed he would put right. He would close Guantanamo and stop the torture, end the war in Afghanistan, get out of Iraq, make health care cheaply available to all and  so on.  None of which he has been able properly to do, even if he really tried, and even if he really ever intended, which some may now question. He was a nice man, an eloquent  speaker (impressive after Bush) and being  black, intelligent and good on tv, which delighted so many, because it came as a relief from unspoken racial anxieties, appeared destined to do wonderful things.   The wonderful things he wants to do, if he really does, still await his action in his remaining two years of the presidency. 

But Obama like Mandela is of course a bourgeois president of a bourgeois society.  Why would we, why did we, ever expect that he could  do the wonderful and long anticipated things  he talked about; like bring  about world-wide peace, equalize and somehow arrange capitalism for the benefit of all,  and reform and revitalize  all the capitalist institutions of society that needed reforming and revitalizing?  In short, set about initiating  a sort of mini communization of US and world society without changing it's ailing capitalist basis.  Of course Obama never actually used the words that I've used, but he gave us, through his oratory, a hope and promise which many of us fell for, because somehow his African roots gave him legitimacy as a radical.  (There's a sort of convoluted racism at  work here  I would guess, and the tacit assumption that someone who may have suffered repression himself will automatically be on the side of the oppressed. This is naivety carried to excess!)   Anyway I think Obama has been able to cash in, so to speak, on all the unspoken assumptions relating to freedom and liberty  that underpinned the idea of "at last a black president" that also supported Mandela in the Nirvana that he supposedly ruled over. 


But all that both of them did boils down to (a) a tacit support of all  capitalism's demands in Mandela's case while maintaining a fixed Christian smile  and (b) a kind of lib-left critical words only sympathy for society's underdogs  while being powerless and anyway uninclined to lift a finger to help in Obama's.