On all continents, capitalism sows war and chaos

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On all continents, capitalism sows war and chaos
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: On all continents, capitalism sows war and chaos. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

I like the analysis presented

I like the analysis presented in this article , though it is very much a "downer". 

 . The doors have been opened to the least lucid factions of the bourgeoisie, fed by the putrefaction of society and the resulting nihilism. The birth of Islamist groups like al Qaida, the Islamic State and Boko Haram are the result of this process of intellectual and moral regression, of unprecedented cultural devastation. On 29 June, IS announced the re-establishment of a ‘Caliphate’ in the regions under its control and proclaimed the establishment of Mohammed’s successor. Like its counter-part Boko Haram in Nigeria, it has distinguished itself by the murder of captives and the kidnapping and enslavement of young women.

Talk of moral regression, social putrefaction, nihilism, and the doors being opened "to the least lucid factions of the bourgeoisie" is absolutely right on target, and reminded me of a film I saw last night called "The Hunger Games - Fire" 

Something of a mess,  this film seemed on and off to be making a critique of life under capitalism in an advanced futuristic decay - presented in a kind of high-tech computerized tarted up medievalism with bows and arrows wielded by a becoming damsel very distressed by society's horrors - though at no time did the film even consider offering any solution to social problems unexplored, other than the immediate  death of protestors, or at best an exquisite whipping excellently done.  Is sadism back as a box office draw? 

Decomposition is ghastly . That it increasingly presents itself in theatrical forms, and that the putrid ISIS can dominate the social media with its executions, propaganda  films and recruiting campaigns that work so well, somehow merely adds to the unreal and phantasmagoric atmosphere that surrounds this awesome spectacle of early 21st. century life.

Have these well-funded, well organized capitalist gangs like Boko Haram and ISIS learned from Hollywood, or did Hollywood learn from them? In putrefaction they have become two sides of a debased coin.  

Hollywood of course wouldn't want to present the working class solution to the unprecedented cultural devastation in which we live, even if it knew what it was.  And in fact, perhaps it does know what it is but prefers to show intellectual and moral regression as insoluble (people are evil at heart) but good money  makers too; so why not make  an honest penny while you can, and help keep people locked in stupidity? 

If and when the working class finally realizes the need to get up and strike, the emergence of this positive life force back on history's floor will come as the greatest relief to all of us waiting for human intelligence and rationality  to return to the world stage. This is class consciousness. This is the only solution remaining to the hunger games, and all the other games the decaying bourgeoisie deploy in their death throes.