Communism is Dead

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Communism is Dead
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Communism is dead: capitalism is dying: Islam is the future for mankind said a banner I caught a glimpse of on the TV news. 

It's  ISIS of course. The message  is brief and to the point, and  makes an impact. 

For most people it's true that communism is dead.  The bourgeoisie have seen to that.  Only a remote few think news  of communism's death has been exaggerated. 

Capitalism is dying. This of course is true. That ISIS know it to be true may come as as a surprise, as may their solution that mankind's future lies with Islam.

By COMMUNISM - this powerful word with such loaded historical significances attached to it - ISIS presumably mean Stalinism which did kind of "die" or undergo mutations in 1989. If ISIS members had any ideas about what communism might  actually really be then surely their commitment to Islam as the future for mankind  might be open to doubt. 

But many young people, unhappy with living in this dying capitalist society, seem eager to reach for any belief system which can somehow restore meaning to empty lives.  Communism could do this beautifully: if only the young had any glimmerings at all of what it is, and what it could do for us all,and how it could so easily act to replace the dying capitalism. But they don't. Communism is dead. We tried it. It didn't work.   It's old hat. 

People  don't know what communism is anymore. That Islam is offered as an alternative comes as no surprise in our decomposing society, captivated  by the drama of  the beheadings, the mid- Eastern costumes, the ranting mullahs, and the sophisticated use of new technologies disseminating aphoristic messages like "Capitalism is dying" and "Communism is dead".  By these means, and violent force of arms,  Islam appears as offering exciting alternatives to the boredom and austerity of every day life under the rule  of dying capitalism.

i like your reports Fred,

i like your reports Fred, they are cool. there's nothing i see to disagree with tho so you only get a pat on the back ha

TAKE HEART: Communism failed

And that's the difference IMHO between Marxism and this stupid post modern theory.

The watering down and recuperation of "ideas" is inevitable; only genuine praxis is vital enough to succeed or fail, to flourish or be crushed.

Thank you lem for telling me

Thank you lem for telling me I'm cool ( you're absolutely  right of course!) and giving me a pat on the back.  A pat on the back can work wonders for the old and decrepit. And you're pretty cool yourself.  

you won't call me old TWICE

you won't call me old TWICE ;))