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Show trials
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We have been treated to a number of "Show trials" recently staged,  and reported fairly dramatically by the bourgeoisie's media news outlets. 

The long running "News  of the World" phone hacking saga trial, including the not-quite-so-long  running Leverson inquiry into phone hacking - which was almost a trial in itself, and presented startling witnesses such as the  Prime Minister, and  Tony Blair in person  and various other assorted celebs all wounded and indignant,  and claiming abuse-by-telephone at the hands of non other than  Andy Coulson - a personal aide and friend of the Prime Minister -  after leaving his job as editor at  the "News of the World" that is  -  and now sentenced to 18 months in jail!  It leaves me out of breath.   What a shocker. What a turn up for the books. How are the mighty fallen!  

And Rebekkah Brooks too.  Personal friend of not just the PM, whose lack of judgement in employing now criminalized Andy Coulson was raised by the commie Leader of  the Opposition when he and the PM were with the Queen  at the launch of a hugely expensive Aircraft Carrier which may never actually sail the seas at all, but proves somehow that Britain is still great.  And the afore mentioned Rebekah, the friend too of the great media mogul who closed down the  "News of the World" which he owned; well she got off at her trial and was found not guilty much to the relief of the PM, who must have wondered who next of his carefully selected and close friends might be off to the overcrowded jails. 

And then "The trials of Rolf Harris" comparable almost to the trials of Oscar Wilde, though Rolf got a longer  sentence and at the age of 84. How will he manage?  How  can he survive the shame and loss of dignity after a life of fame and privilege at being found guilty in public of child abuse? He is said to be in denial. This is hardly surprising given that celebrities, and the rich and famous, never expected till recently, to ever be called to any reckoning or judgement of their behavior, financial or sexual, it just wasn't done. Celebs are above the law. Not since Christine Keeler and the notorious Profumo Affair and trial in the early sixties have celebs been called to account like recently.  Is it all Jimmy Saville's fault? He who escaped trial and judgement altogether whilst alive, but has been on trial ever since. 

Or are "Show Trials" a way of distracting the pubic gaze away from really vital issues like the economy (which the PM insists is recovering - but what exactly it has suffered from he doesn't explain) and a televisual and newspaper distraction from the general condition of the country under austerity and the cancerous spread of despair and depression?