Former POW denounces bombing of Dresden and Allies

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Former POW denounces bombing of Dresden and Allies
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This is an interview with a POW who was in Dresden during the bombing. I think the BBC got a lot more than they were expecting. Towards the end he makes a powerful denounciation of the bombing and the Allies, at which point the interviewers stop him very quickly and belittle all he said by talking about his age. The depth of his humanity and outrage faced with what happened and those who organized it is deeply deeply moving.

The most remarkable thing

The most remarkable thing about this is that BBC Breakfast was doing something that didn't involve a BBC entertainment show.

Charlie Stayt's earpiece must have been exploding with the producer screaming at him to somehow to shut the old guy up!

Denouncing Churchill, Attlee

Denouncing Churchill, Attlee etc as being worse than the Nazis was probably the last straw. Having watched other of his interviews whilst he has expresses his condemnation of the bombing he has not openly attacked the 'national hero' before. He was clearly not too happy with the interviewers at the start, may be he had just had enough of all the bullshit hypocricy of the BBC?


Yes, quite extraordinary, and moving. You don’t hear veterans denouncing Churchill  and  Atlee very often! And the rest of his personal story is extraordinary enough; fought all the way through the Middle East, Italy, Arnhem, lost most of his friends, even before he found himself in Dresden...

I’m trying to put a film together on WW2 at the moment and it’s easy to feel our position on anti-fascism is a very lonely one, against the stream, but hearing this certainly made me feel less isolated. Priceless stuff.



In a similar vein, recent ex

In a similar vein, recent ex soldier gives anti-war speech


Every once in a while,

Every once in a while, usually before everyone has their morning coffee, a grain of truth slips through the immense bullshit. Thanks for the link.


I'm posting the following comment here because this is an active thread and also because little to no one posts on the CWO forum.

In the CWO pamphlet 1917 it is claimed 8 million died in the Russian Civil War. My question is where does this number come from and how was it calculated and how on earth was it possible that such a great number died. It seems astronomical. If this is what we can expect or even worse we might as well forget about revolution frankly.

Wikipedia's article places it

Wikipedia's article places it more around three million, with casualties evenly split but with slightly more on the White side. Of course, it's still horrifically high. But Russia shows the problem of dealing with counter-revolution. The "Whites" won't shrink from bloody violence - they used to crucify Bolsheviks they captured (literally) and I've read some accounts that suggest they wiped out around a quarter of the working class in Finland.

The question is how does the revolution respond. The Bolsheviks feared the workers would be too soft and an ending like the Paris commune. That's why you have these never ending blood-curdling urgings from Lenin to be hard and smash the counter-revolutionaries. Clearly that didn't work either ...

I'm going to ckeekily bring

I'm going to ckeekily bring in the RR now. I asked Leo on Libcom (yes, the place I dislike so much ; ) if he thought the period of transition started (from RR onwards) and remains today - as if we are stuck in a historic period so to speak, communism or barbarism i.e the RR posed the question. But he said he didn't even think it began in Russia or anywhere else and that the world revolution has to take place first.This becomes confusing as he preiously stated having three definitions of revolution; national insurrection, worldwide insurrection and a process untill communism or the period of transition. 

Do leftcoms here agree with Leo? And if so what was attempted or achieved in Russia then?

I am predicting people must think there is a DotP, a period of transition and 'building' communist society'. Not that I agree.