Intervention in strikes

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Intervention in strikes
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I posted this on Libcom, but it didn't seem to get any response:

Anyway, it contains all of the documents we produced about the TEKEL struggle, apart from three leaflets, which I will add, and a, very brief description, of what we did, so it is useful as a record anyway.

Does anyone have any thoughts on it.


A description of the ICC's

A description of the ICC's activity in the strike from its beginning to end and after would be interesting and useful. The articles are mostly if not entirely a documentation of the strike and the events as they transpired with analysis, without a description of what the ICC did, right? I thought I had read all of the documents relating to it, but I may be wrong.

A lot of people on libcom and revleft seem confused as to what it is that left communists like the ICC 'actually do'- a number of people have made such comments (mostly because people haven't encountered the way left communists participate in the class struggle outside of the traditional activism approach of groups like the Socialist Workers Party in the UK or unions).

It'd be nice to have a brief document like that to link to and say 'this is what the ICC did in the TEKEL strikes, and the kind of activity left communists support in the class struggle'.

Well, there's the bit of

Well, there's the bit of Devrim's post that he links to that goes like this:


"So what did we do.

* We produced three leaflets.
* We covered the struggle in our press
* We organised (with FAU/IWA)a speaking tour for a striker to speak in Germany
* We produced a pamphlet after the struggle (Also available in German)
* We had a virtually continual presence at the protests constantly discussing with workers and their supporters
* We distributed information internationally about the struggle, and collected money abroad for a group of militant workers
* We hosted many TEKEL workers in our homes on numerous occasions (reading the articles about the struggle will explain why this was necessary.
* We set up a website for a group of militant workers from the struggle"


The section and maybe the international congresses will probably also have a report on the activity during the strike, but the international congress won't be for another year and the section's report will probably be in yeah.

You are right the

You are right the international congress isn't until next year. The section congress is coming up pretty soon. I have seen an agenda, but I don't know if it is on it. The actually reports for the section meeting, congress sounds a bit grandiose, will of course be in Turkish, but I presume there will be English translations available for the rest of the organisation, if not then at least summaries. As you would imagine nobody in the ICC apart from the Turkish section, and a few comrades in Germany can understand any Turkish.

I think that the article suggested by 'Devoration' might be a good idea. It could go into things like how what we did was recived, more intended for international consumption than in Turkey.

One example could be our first leaflet in the struggle 'General Strike or Mass Strike'. I don't think it went down that well at all, as the main response we got giving it out and talking to people was "General strike, yes that sounds good". Later though people did come up to us and say that they understood what we meant then.