The Fifth International viz a viz Chavez

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The Fifth International viz a viz Chavez
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What do you think of Hugo Chavez calling for the formation of a 'Fifth International'? 


Hugo Chávez announced in 2007 that he would seek to create a new international, which because of the size of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela could become an actual fifth international: "2008 could be a good time to convoke a meeting of left parties in Latin America to organise a new international, an organisation of parties and movements of the left in Latin America and the Caribbean".[5][6] On November 21, 2009, in Caracas, Venezuela, during the First International Encounter of Left-wing Parties, Chavez called for the convoking of the Fifth Socialist International in April 2010 in Venezuela.[7]

It was reported that the Bolivian Movement for Socialism, the Salvadoran FMLN, the Nicaraguan FSLN, the Ecuadorian PAIS Alliance, the Chilean Proposal for an Alternative Society, the Guatemalan New Nation Alliance, and the Australian Socialist Alliance are likely to join the new International. Representatives of the Portuguese Left Bloc, the German Left Party, and the French Left Party expressed interest but said they would need to consult. The Communist Party of Cuba seemed to favour the proposal, but many other Communist Parties were strongly opposed.[8] The League for a Fifth International supports the proposal.[9] As of April 2010, the declaration awaits Chávez's signature


The First Socialist International of the 21st Century


It seems mostly like an attempt to rally the geopolitics of Latin America on the political level into something like an informal European Union; through which to give greater leverage in the global imperialist tug of war.

 I can't really see anything

 I can't really see anything like this even getting off the ground. There might be a few leftist cheerleaders for it, but I don't see why all of these organisations would ally themselves with Chavez.