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Communist Parties
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From the discussion on RAAN:

Hawkeye asked:


Thank you to devoration1 for his remarks of Oct 29th, 18.14, which certainly seems to clarify the ICC view of Communist Parties as so far developed by now.  However, those views of them seem to me to be  entirely negative, to the extent that the question for the ICC now seems to be, would workers of the world be better off if all the main Communist Parties just closed down ?

My view is that the proletariat would not be better or worse off if every CP still in operation around the globe folded. The reason being that the CP's play a very specific role in the bourgeois-democratic states- they are one of the last lines of defense of the bourgeois-democratic state against proletarian militancy and open class struggle. When eruptions have happened in the West (and since the '60s all over the world), the CP's and their affiliated unions have acted as a 'safety valve' containing and re-directing worker militancy and struggle. The PCF in France during May '68 is a prime example, as is the KKE in Greece earlier this year, the many Maoist and Stalinist CP's that form the government in many parts of India, etc.

If the CP's were all gone tonight, tomorrow the other, often times less important or smaller (though not always) factions of the far-left of capital (Trotskyists, Maoists, certain brands of anarchism, etc) would take their place.

In my view, the PCF in France is in the exact same cateogry as the Socialist Party and Union for a Popular Movement- in the US, the proletariat wouldn't benefit if the Republican Party or the Democratic Party disappeared overnight- because the place in the state apparatus they occupied would be filled by another group immediately.