Manchester Class Struggle Forum - A Good Model For The US?

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Manchester Class Struggle Forum - A Good Model For The US?
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I've been reading about the Manchester Class Struggle Forum on Libcom, and it sounds like an excellent way to gather local communists, anarchists & syndicalists along with local workers and students. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a meeting held regularly at a time and place where a particular topic is going to be discussed (in this sense it is similar to the ICC's public meetings). The difference is that it is a regularly scheduled meeting, not a one-off. Also, it isn't one organization that puts on the meeting, but a collaboration between different political groups in the wider revolutionary class-struggle left. With the opening up of dialogue between the ICC and other non-left communist political tendencies, it seems like a natural fit for expanding debate, discussion and cooperation among groups who share core working class political values- internationalism, anti-parliamentarism, anti-militarism, etc. Does this sound like a good idea?


Here's a link to the Manchester Class Struggle Forum blog:



Manchester class struggle forum

 You've probably read the article in the new WR. I would say that this is the kind of initiative that can certainly be applied elsewhere, even if specific forms and details may vary

Interesting, I hadn't seen

Interesting, I hadn't seen that new article in WR before posting this thread. I'm glad to see press space being devoted to it. I'd like to see something similar in the US. Especially in large cities, communist, syndicalist, anarchist, etc groups sort of work around one another but never or rarely engage.