Adding Old Issues Of World Revolution, Internationalism,etc

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Adding Old Issues Of World Revolution, Internationalism,etc
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I notice that the back issues of press from various ICC sections only go back to a certain point (different for each publication).


Are there any plans to add older back issues of World Revolution & Internationalism (and/or other ICC publications of various languages) online, going back to the original issues of each?

Up to a point, yes

 Well, at the moment we're working bit by bit to get the complete International Review online. We don't have any plans to put all the back issues of the territorial publications up, since the work of scanning and publishing would be absolutely monumental, and far beyond our resources. Sorry about that!

If you're interested in any particular topic you could try ordering back issues in hard copy though.

Niccolo Rossi
I'm not sure about what is

I'm not sure about what is involved in turning PDFs into plain text, but I imagine it is quite a bit of work! I think now having PDFs online is very helpful in this regard. One short term solution for the issues which were published without the aid of computers could be to scan and upload them in PDF form. Am I right? As a bonus, I really like reading the old publications directly (or atleast as PDFs) for the historical value.


Back Issue Orders

How much do back issues of territorial press cost?


I am interested in publishing a militant-political newsletter for the mining communities near my home, who have been particularly hard hit by lay offs, poor medical care, drug addiction and abuse (and the use of drug testing policies and contract language to punish, single out, scare etc employees), massive amounts of Unfair Labor Practices by the biggest and smallest companies, very poor safety and numerous violations (including several huge deadly disasters- such as Big Branch).


I've been looking at old CBG and similar groups articles on the '84-'85 miner strike in the UK for background and ideas. I'd be interested in WR articles on the subject from the time period.

past WRs

 Devoration -we will try to put some material together for you. There has been a certain interest in what we did and said during the miners' strike so we will look into the best way of saving the old issues from the gnawing criticism of the mice.