Spam and Genuine Posts

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Spam and Genuine Posts
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Comrades should know that we are currently experiencing large amounts of spam on the site. Most of this is hidden from non-admins but to give you an idea of the volume I have just deleted nearly 700 forum topics from the spam queue.

Occasionally, genuine posts get caught up in the filter and given these volumes, it is obviously impossible to look at every single post to check it really is spam. After spending nearly an hour doing this, I gave up and simply deleted the rest.

We apologise if genuine posts have been deleted. If you are experiencing difficulties with your posts getting caught in the filter, disappearing or other oddities please let a member of the ICC know. The most active ICC members on the forum are LoneLondoner, Alf, and myself.

You can let us know via private message. Ideally, you should include the post number, the thread and the date you posted it. This will help us track it down and approve it for publication.