War in Libya: An internationalist position from the KRAS

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War in Libya: An internationalist position from the KRAS
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: War in Libya: An internationalist position from the KRAS. The discussion was initiated by d-man.
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Oil is maybe an element, but I think the reason is more simple. The West was lagging behind events (in Tunisia and Egypt), so with Lybia they wanted to be there and started condemning Gaddafi, expecting he would be swept away in an instance. That didn't happen, but the West could no longer return on its strong words without losing face even more completely. I don't know if the press incited the government, vice versa or the people their press/government, but there was a pressure on the West to do something, even if not well thought out. Also external pressure apperently from Saudi-Arabia.

Now maybe the West will accept a partitioned Libya, leaving Gaddafi in power on half the territory.

Gaddafi supporters seize control of Libyan town

obv. my speculation proved wrong, but it did last much longer than expected to bring him down. Still some loyalists left;



TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Supporters of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi seized control of the town of Bani Walid on Monday after clashes with a militia loyal to the new government in which four people were killed, witnesses told Reuters.

A resident of Bani Walid, about 200 km (120 miles) south-east of Tripoli, said the sides fought using heavy weaponry, including 106 mm anti-tank weapons, and that 20 people were wounded.

Another witness told Reuters the fighting had now stopped but that Gaddafi loyalists were in control of the town centre, where they were flying green flags, a symbol of allegiance to the ousted administration.

"They control the town now. They are roaming the town," said the witness, a fighter with the 28th May militia which was fighting the Gaddafi loyalists.

Bani Walid, base of the powerful Warfallah tribe, was one of the last towns in Libya to surrender to the anti-Gaddafi rebellion last year. Many people there oppose the country's new leadership.

There were reports of a 3-day

There were reports of a 3-day battle between pro and anti-Gadaffi forces in Tripoli a couple of weeks ago. After frenetic reporting of the war and its aftermath, the whole of the British press has gone very quiet on what's happening in Libya. There has been at least one strike at an oil facility and a number of demonstratiions and protests against the new, secret regime and also fighting between different factions of the state. RT (Russian english-language TV) reported two nights ago that a US senator Mckinley(spelling?) from Georgia had reported that 20,000 US troops were on standby to intervene in the country, including 6000 based in Malta. The station also reported that a Nato helicopter had fired on an oil facility occupied by protesters.

The cost of the war is weighing heavily on the population.