General elections in Spain: Podemos and a fragmented parliament

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General elections in Spain: Podemos and a fragmented parliament
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The 20th December there have been general elections in Spain. With the rise of the leftist-populist Podemos at the cost of the fall of the PSOE (the traditional social-democratic party) and the appearance on stage of Ciudadanos, a moderate right wing party which has predated the PP (the traditional moderate right wing party), the parliament is too fragmented for anyone to govern, EXCEPT if PSOE and PP make a coalition. That would be suicidal for the PSOE. But the problem is that the bourgeoisie and Podemos itself doesn't want Podemos to be in the government. It needs them as a left-wing alternative to canalize indignation and discontent, preventing any spontaneous movement to form again, and eventually to govern like Syriza if needed. If they make part of a government now, they will be burned out and there won't be any alternative to protect the bourgeoisie by the left. So things are very complicated now. Either PSOE makes the suicidal pact with the PP or there will be elections again; it's unclear if Podemos would get better results in the last case, but that would make things even more complex. The Spanish bourgeoisie is facing serious internal problems of organization.

About Podemos: it's an spacially poisonous party. It has emerged from a mix of the late degenerated assemblies of the 15M (Indignados) movement, Izquierda Anticapitalista, and some bourgeois ideologists, and it claims itself to be "the evolution of the process of the 15M". Their mission is not only to cover the hole in the left of the Spanish bourgeoisie but to rewrite the history of the 15M nd wipe off its proletarian aspects. They are to the 15M what Stalin was to the 1917 Revolution, saving the distance, magnitude and importance.