Soviet Republic of Ireland?!

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Soviet Republic of Ireland?!
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This is hands down the best documentary I've seen about how Soviets work.



The documentary

Provides a good example of why when push comes to shove the unions are counter-revolutionary. And yet, it was the unions who first organised the Soviets and later betrayed them. 

This is worth watching, honestly!

So nobody has bitten yet. Perhaps if I talk a bit about the documentary there'll be a bit more interest.

It is an Irish language documentary, but with subtitles. I think it's always nice to hear unfamiliar languages.

The documentary opens by explaining the case of the Limerick soviet, which was formed after workers were outraged at martial law being imposed in their city. It speaks about how the soviet took over the running of the city, ensuring everyone was fed and prices were kept low in the shops, a new temporary currency was even established.

It also discusses how the soviets spread across Ireland, one prominent example being the soviets established in the various creameries which were able to continue running at 97% capacity. It discusses the relations between the militant workers and the IRA and the role of the IRA in suppressing the soviet movement. It dispels the myth of the Irish in the north as eternally warring tribes, pointing out that in mayday 1919 Catholic and Protestant workers marched side by side in Belfast under the red flag.

The documentary also provides a refreshing incite into the counter revolutionary nature of the unions and 'labour' parties and their willing capitulation to the nationalists.

thanks Communist, i for one

thanks Communist, i for one will give it a watch.

Watched it ages ago. I agreee

Watched it ages ago. I agreee it is indeed worth a watch, always enlightening and encouraging to learn of past workers struggle and to try and draw out some lessons. The difficulty is in interpretation of events because most struggle is obscure by the ruling class ideology including leftism. That's why it's very useful and necesssary to have communist publications and individuals who help us to try and unriddle these events. I think the ICC has written on this subject try a search of Limerick.

One for you...

Here's one for you Communist, called Chile, The Obstinate Memory. It was a short film included in the DVD of what I think has been the most important film I've ever seen, The Battle of Chile. It's about the original film maker going back to Chile with the film he made (which was banned) during the election and subsequent overthrow of Allende. The best bit I think is the opinions and reactions from the students after the film showing. I can't recommend that you watch The Battle of Chile (Batalla de Chile) strongly enough. It's a bit of an epic though and you may struggle finding a version on-line with English subtitles. If you really want to see it and can't get hold of it I can let you borrow it via snail mail.