State Capitalism

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State Capitalism
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Hello again. I made a thread a few months back about Trade Unions and didn't really respond properly to your posts, but I promise to pay attention to this one :) Regarding the Union thread, I had a good post prepared but somehow it disappeared into a spam filter or something.

Here is a video I found on Youtube, it is Isaac Don Levine talking about State Capitalism. Levine was an anti-Communist but he knew the USSR was not socialist but state capitalist. It's interesting to see that Right-wing economists such as Mises are often more accurate (or even more honest) in their analysis' of the USSR than the Left wing economists even though they both have their own agendas.

Here's the video:

It is only 2 minutes.


If I'm asking you folks to comment on it then I probably should too. I can't really think of any great critique of what he is saying because I think he's right on the button with what he is saying- the only criticism I would make is he seems to imply Capitalism is the best it's ever gonna get.