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Hello I wanted to introduce myself, I am a bit of a newcomer to the communist left having been a trotskyist for a few years but having recently got slightly disillusioned. I don't agree with everything you say especially about trade unions, the 2nd world war and anti-fascism but I regularly read your website whenever I am looking for some detailed analysis on a topic.

Anyway I'm looking forward to having some good discussions with you all.


hi and welcome. You could start a thread on any of those topics.....





thanks. i liked your articles

thanks. i liked your articles about mali a lot by the way.

yes, i also like the fact

yes, i also like the fact that you guys talk so much about the psychological effects of capitalism, alienation, decomposition etc and that you write with a lot of compassion. I don't understand everything you write though and sometimes i think it would help if your articles were in more simple language for ignorant folk like me :)


commiegal wrote:

I don't understand everything you write though and sometimes i think it would help if your articles were in more simple language...

Thank you for making this point. I have been saying this for a while.

A bulk of what the ICC writes requires further research, re-reading and in many cases dicussion with ICC members who are familiar with given subjects.

Conveniently, this becomes what the organization refers to as the "integration" process, or joining the ICC, learning their syntax.

In some cases (like on this discussion forum), other left comms in the milieu are invited to participate.

yeah I'm not looking to join

yeah I'm not looking to join the ICC or anything, since I'm already a member of another organisation. However I do agree with a lot of what you write.

Commiegal, there is no such

Commiegal, there is no such precondition to discussion. Contributions to discussion are always welcome.

Thank you. If I'm honest I'm

Thank you. If I'm honest I'm feeling rather conflicted at the moment as I am a member of a Trotskyist organisation and until recently considered myself a trotskyist. However while the party I am a member of does really excellent local work in the unions and in anti-cuts campaigns (and often against the union bureaucracy), I am slowly coming to sympathise quite a lot with the communist left and especially council communists such as Gorter, Paul Mattick etc, I know you are not council communists though, but at the moment I am trying to read as much as possible and find out what I actually do believe. I think that the image of Lenin and Trotsky presented by trotskyist groups is very different to what actually happened and that this has implications for their practice today. I think the crisis in the SWP made me look into some things that I had been thinking on and off for a while about the practice of Leninism, and made me question my beliefs.

The problem with it though is that the communist left does not seem to have that big an influence on workers' struggles and definitely not in my local area, I joined the group I am in because I see it doing a lot of worthwhile work in my local area. I would be interested to know what the ICC does practically as well as its theoretical work, do you guys intervene in things etc? Do you provide any practical help to strikers etc?

One other thing I would say is that although you say that Trotskyist groups are the "left of capital", I don't think that most of their members see themselves in this way, and frequently the bourgeoisie don't see them this way either (in a few developing countries for example some of our comrades have actually been killed or imprisoned). However I do see your point about the role that a lot of them played especially in regards to reformism and trying to "divert" things towards the trade unions (having a march that just involves going from one point to the next and then listening to some Labour MPs in a park or something lol) although a lot of members of these groups would also oppose this.

All in all, I am not at all sure what I believe and I am trying to find some answers.