The Spying Game - Part 2

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The Spying Game - Part 2
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: The Spying Game - Part 2. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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The Daily Mail reports today on the Historic Business Microscope developed by Hitachi. This powerful ID badge tracks the exact location of the workers wearing it and keeps a record of all conversations and the identities of other staff spoken to, for how long and how "energetically"! It details how long the wearing has been sitting down for and how long spent in the toilet.

In 2008, Microsoft filed a patent for a remote tracking device which moniters "competence and productivity" and measures personal information such as body temperature, blood pressure and "facial expressions".

So yet a new horror is

So yet a new horror is unveiled. The Historic Business Microscope!  The name is ugly but fits the purpose.

 So Orwell's Big Brother isn't just watching us from fixed locations but is now with us wherever we go,  like some  infernal device implanted within.  But how the fuck does it "interpret" facial expressions.  Its difficult enough as a living human  - to refer to an outdated machine! - to interpret accurately what facial expressions really indicate (especially in those cultures where smiling is generally regarded as essential regardless of feelings) so how is a super clever bourgeois device going to do it?  But of course, if it makes mistakes that won't matter. A rise in blood pressure caused while  trying not to tell the boss to bugger off, will be enough for you to be sacked  never mind your facial expression. And the next development for the device will probably include an automatic self-destruct element which will kill the offending wearer dead on the spot, should they dare  to be thinking politically unacceptable thoughts like when are we going to begin the revolution?  

Just reading about this has put me in the danger zone with sweaty palms and feelings of angry resentment. Grrh and Ugh!