A letter from North Korea

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A letter from North Korea
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"A thick pall of despair and despondency has spread and settled across the whole of the PRNK on learning the news that Heather Mills will not be participating in the  disabled Winter Olympics. The whole of Pyongnang was united in rootin' for "Team Heather" and I, as president of the eastern sector "Go Heather, Go" supporters committee, have been particularly affected by events. Obviously this news has put a severe damper on  the Christmas celebrations. I don't know what Heather is playing at but she'd better not come running to me."

The above correspondent wished to remain anonymous but who could doubt the veracity of those heartfelt words?

Meanwhile, in other news, 5 of the 7 pallbearers surrounding the Lincoln convertible which took the "Dear Leader", Kim Jong-il on his last journey have now been purged - along with hundreds, possibly thousands more. The most high-ranking victim of Kim Jong-un's purge, Jan Song-taek, had close links with China especially over economic questions. The regime has put out statements saying that business with China is unaffected but one has to have doubts. This is old-style Stalinist-type purge gone mad and points to the extreme fragility of the regime. What's of concern is does an imperialist "adventure" come next, the type of which often accompanies these internal upheavals? And if it is directed against South Korea does the latter act with folded arms to another slap in the face? I don't think that it will. Whatever, the situation is dangerous.

We also have the confrontations going on with China, near-misses and so on which themselves only require a slight miscalculation in order to escalate. The collapse into misery of the Central African Republic and the collapse of capitalism's newest nation, South Sudan, into immediate decomposition shows capitalism ending the year very much as it began.

Happy New Year.


Reading baboon's relections on North Korea, which I support, got me to thinking that maybe we should encourage comrades like him, who enjoy a bit of writing, to create some kind of blog. But it would have to be a team effort because quite a few of us would lack the technologic to set it up. 


Just a thought, from the ghost of yesterday's Christmas. 

What is a blog? 

What is a blog?  Or rather Alf, what do you mean by "blog"? 

a 'web log', in his case

a 'web log', in his case regularly updated comments and short articles about what's going on in the world, maybe imperialist tensions, crisis, class struggles, that kind of thing....

I'm game for that but very

I'm game for that but very restricted in the necessary technology. Hopefully someone can make a move and we can take this forward.

Unfortunately it looks like there will be no more from the NK Heather Mills Supporters Club - all I get when I phone is a series of ominous clicks.


I've just been reading what a blog is and seem to have set one up on tumblr. on the question of imperialism. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/baboonposts. It seems to be free - I don't know if it will work. Any advice?

blog response

Some initial and not particularly considered thoughts. I think the idea of a blog is a good one. It could be an informal but informed means of communication. As far as I understand it, a blog is a personal record or diary of comment to which others can add their own views should they choose. It's true that this form tends to fall into the 'democratist' illusion that everyone can have their say and that every opinion is as important as the other. However, that's the Internet for you, and this is the modern day....

So Baboon: I have followed your link and it seems to work - I can access what you wrote but...

a) I had to sign up to Tumblr: yet another thing to sign up to, yet another password to remember, or to repeat, which somewhat invalidates the 'security' or 'unique' passwords and

b) I had a certain difficulty in making a response to what was there: where physically did it go? etc. Like many of us, I'm old and not too familiar with the conventions. I gave up. But I'll return to it and we can still learn, I suppose.

I have certain practical and political doubts about this form of blog however (and these separate from the general considerations about 'democratism' mentioned above). On the practical level, who is going to find Baboon's (or anyone elses) blog on Tumblr? How and where will it be promoted so that those intrested will find it? I don't know how these things work, go 'viral', attract a "following"...

On a political level, I think this blog should be contained, or at least reproduced on the ICC site, as a commentary of a sympathiser. I think there is too much fragmentation of forums and blogs and sites which come and go - Rev Left, Red Marx, Libcom, the new Left Communist site and Facebook page....

The main problem with an area of the ICC site which could contain a blog (or many blogs) of sympathisers or members is that it should have a different appearence to the rest of the site (so it doesn't just look like another thread, like this one for example) and, most importantly, that it would involve ICC members in yet more work when there are, no doubt, more pressing tasks!!

How to proceed? A suggestion: As an interim measure, Baboon, start a new thread on this site called Baboon's blog, and write what you want. Copy this effort into your Tumblr blog, so the content of both is identical and people who do not want to access your views via the ICC site can do so.

Fraternally, KT




on blogs

fwiw I've set up blogs on wordpress in the past - free and very easy to use and unlike tumblr (apparently) you don't have to sign in to read the posts. I agree the issue then is how you find them and who is actually going to read them. If you want to pander you can try writing about current or very popular issues and try to attract readers via google … but realistically I would have thought it’s going to be through creating links from the ICC and other left communist websites.

And then the deeper concern I have, agreeing with KT, is that there is already a plethora of websites and discussion forums, and potentially blogs are only going to add to the dispersion of sparse energies.

Some very pertinent comments have been made on another thread about the use of the internet by communists, noting the falling off of debate on red marx and other sites and highlighting possible implications for the ICC. The falling off of debate on this forum, the absence of ICC members intervening, etc, has also been noted. Maybe some of these issues need to be addressed or at least discussed more widely first?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing blogs but – what objectives do we have for them? Where do they fit? 

more on blogs

I intend to start a blog on here on imperialism.

I've read the comments above and welcome them as positive input to the discussion about discussion. I take the point about the fragmentation of discussion generally (Red Marx has now disappeared - off my radar at least) and think it best to follow KT's suggestion and, for now, base a blog on this site and on this discussion forum. Another reason for that is that I tried to get into Tumblr: today and it wanted two fuzzy words deciphered that I couldn't read due to a worsening macular disease I have - I tried it about twenty different times, gave up and won't return.

I think that KT is correct in that a blog should be informal but informed and wide open to any discussion, questions, clarification, etc. I think that sometimes articles on imperialism provoke little response and that surprises me. The objective, hopefully, will be a wider more informal discussion. We can only try. Please add any comments, suggestions, etc. The blog will be appearing on this website very soon.