Discussion on art in ascendant and decadent capitalism

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Discussion on art in ascendant and decadent capitalism
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Discussion on art in ascendant and decadent capitalism. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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Before ascendent and decadent

Before ascendent and decadent capitalism but relevant to it:

The Observer's art critic, Laura Cumming, has a piece today's paper on the exhibition of Upper Paleolithic art at the British Museum. She writes a good review saying these 20,000 year-old sculptures are not surpassed in the Renaissance... showing that "there's no progress in art only change".

She's particularly taken by a Modigliani like mammoth ivory-carved woman's portrait with one side of her face drooping, with "a rueful smile". What's really interesting about this "portrait" is that it's of a real woman, a special woman who lived and died in Dolni Vestonive in what was Czechoslavakia, 23,000 years ago.  Apart from this carved head there are also  two small ivory-carved, more abstract pieces, showing a similar face. I think that we can say that this woman was a shaman. Very close  to where these pieces were found, and other important carvings, is the burial of a woman who died at the age of around forty, very old for that time. N.K. Sanders takes up the story in "Prehistoric art in Europe", saying " the skull had a defect on the left side which would probably have brought about a corresponding deformation of the soft parts" similar to the carvings, and "she had been given an elaborate burial inside one of the huts, laid in a prepared hollow on the left side in a contracted position facing west. Body and head were covered with red ochre and protected by two shoulder-blades of mammoth, one of which had a network of irregular lines incised on its surface. With the woman was placed stone tools, and close to her left hand the paws and tail of an artic fox, with the teeth in her other hand".

I'm going....

I am going to the Ice Age Art exhibition with the family in a couple of weeks....I also saw the Culture Show programme on Saturday, which was enthusiastically presented, with a general insistance on the enormous skill and creativity of our ancestors. Camilla Power was interviewed briefly but was under-used. She is giving a talk on ice age art at the Radical Anthroplogy Group this week. The female figure you mention was one of the central pieces of the programme.