Hypocrisy over Hillsborough

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Hypocrisy over Hillsborough
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I expect an outburst of hypocrisy and crocodile tears from the state over the killing and subsequent cover up of these football supporters. "Lessons will be learnt" of course and the repressive anti-working class nature of the police will be further refined. Here's a piece that WR published on the tenth anniversary of the Hillsborough atrocity in 2009: https://en.internationalism.org/wr/2009/323/hillsborough

There are differences with

There are differences with the Leveson enquiry, not least the "rank and file" nature of the Hillsborough committee's investigation and its damning conclusions but the state is showing that it is able to absorb these and use them to strengthen itself and reinforce its attacks against the working class. The system is attempting to show that it can clean itself, that it's fundamentally "fair" and that the political and legal elements of the state, responsible for the carnage and the cover up, are fundamentally part of the same society as we are. Thus the Thatcher clique and her paramilitary police force are singled out when they and the Labour opposition/government are totally responsible, as too is the whole policing and legal apparatus that were complicit in these murders and the cover up. Now everyone "apologises", everyone "understands" - we're all in this together and even the legal profession, this rotten fruit of capitalism, donates some of its finest minds to fight for "justice" for the murdered victims and their families. It's not a whitewash but it is.

Everone's aghast at the revelations and the word is that "it can never happen again" - but it's happening all the time with alarming frequency. And when it is investigated to any degree the investgation is used to bolster the democratic credentials of the state. For the police to sit down, under a guiding authority, and fix their statements to suit themselves is now standard accepted police practice. Police death squads operate with impunity with the aftermath concerned with how to best traduce and slander the victims. The way the police get away with murder, the role of the police was a major factor in the riots in the summer and is the cause of  widespread disquiet.What better chance to "clean" them up now ready for their next role in confronting class or social action? The major emphasis of the BBC's news bulletins were quite openly articulated: "Can we trust the establishment?" And this pillar of the British state will now be telliing us that we can because it's fair and democratic.

Your searing critique above

Your searing critique above of the bourgeoisie and it's highly skilled forces of deceit and repression, is very good Baboon. They are of course top notch machiavellians with a long history and practice of the art. And they are good at 'crocodile tears' ; so good that I wondered whether they are capable anymore of real tears, and real emotion, or are their true feelings so warped and mutilated by the lies and hypocrisy their defense of capitalism demands, that they are lost in a maze of confusion and madness, carefully hidden and largely of their own making.

Capitalism must be the cruelest god humanity has yet invented: and the bourgeoisie spend all their time considering and pandering to it's needs. They believe it pays them to do so: they are the class it rewards. But at what cost even for them? This cruel system demands not just subservience to it's insane laws, but regular blood sacrifices. Sometimes the blood comes straight from war - as in Syria now, where rival cliques kill each other for some perceived gain that capital is supposed capable of giving - on other occasions it comes from great famines and ecological disasters the bourgeoisie can't deal with having insufficient money, and at other times it's the working class that has to pay the blood price, as with the platinum miners in S. Africa now, and as with the innocent victims of the Hillsborough disaster all those years ago.

The bourgeoisie wring their hands and bleat about being sorry. But they are trapped by the vicious god they serve, and cannot serve two masters. Whenever they talk about feeling sorry for the humanity their system represses and feeds off, at the same time they know that accumulation and surplus value are what they truly worship, and that humankind and it's needs, both material and emotional, can play no part in their decisions. For them, emotion has only a small part to play in life, and it is regarded with the deepest suspicion as not being rational. It doesn't have a checking account and doesn't always add up. Are we not all, generally speaking brought up to disregard it and put it down. Feelings and intuitions are not there to be responded to, but to be laughed at. You can't trust them. Hard facts and hard cash are what count, not just for Dickens' Mr Gradgrind but for all the bourgeoisie. Sissy Jupes' love of the circus and the horses she rides, in the novel Hard Times, is a poor substitute, and a poor sort of knowledge, compared to the boy in class who can tell you how many teeth and of what kind, a horse has! Facts are more important to the bourgeois than feelings, which may drag you back into the human world and lead you astray, and can't be trusted; whereas facts, on other hand, can be twisted and manipulated for your own selfish and profitable purposes and can even be conjured cleverly out of lies. This talent contributes to the daily hypocrisy and whitewashing procedures we witness from the bourgeoisie whenever capitalism creates another mess, or is discovered yet again to be anything but honest, fair and straightforward in it's openly democratic way, which is the only way things can be. Under capitalism that is!

But not all of us humans are hopelessly tainted by the bourgeois undermining of a genuine emotional response to world events. Some of us have feelings left. The working class, by bearing within it new relations of production, becomes capable of doing away with the need for continual fear, for continual hiding and rearrangement of the facts and is capable of emotional openess and freshness, and of discovering new and more positive emotional reactions to the world.

In an article elsewhere on this website - though I can't tell you where it is unfortunately! - there's a letter from a comrade laying forth the differences between bourgeois and proletarian "comportment". The ICC make comments, and end as follows.

"The letter is  right in stressing that the proletariat – in opposition to the bourgeoisie - is capable of overcoming the bourgeois ideology, which tries to hide its reality, because of its own class interests.
Social feelings as well as the power of human consciousness are incredible forces. Marxist confidence in the working class is also confidence in human nature."  

Translated from Weltrevolution (Germany).

It's the possibility of a renewal of human nature - a poor smashed and mangled thing in the bleeding hands of the bourgeoisie - that gives us hope.