Iran: diplomacy is war by other means

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Iran: diplomacy is war by other means
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Iran: diplomacy is war by other means. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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Hamas, Hezbollah

I support the gist of the article above but a few comments: centrifugal tendencies continue to play a major factor in, what I call, the decomposition of imperialism and this also figures large in the Middle East. The current upheavals in Syria, and their consequences, are further examples of it. Hamas, despite words to the contrary, has somewhat distanced itself from Syria and also from Iran, so the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) may take this factor into consideration in deciding whether or not to launch an attack against Iran. To Iran's annoyance, Hamas supported the Syrian uprising (not the social movement of course, but it's own favoured factions within it). Hamas funding from Iran has been dwindling of late. Hamas denies any problem with Iran pointing to its Prime Minister's, Ismail Haniya, visit there in late February. But Haniya then went on to visit Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait (all part of the anti-Syria coalition) and Saudi Arabia has been providing 50% of Hamas funding. The rosy relationship depicted by the official spokesmen is belied by the attacks of the state-owned Iranian newspapers on Hamas. Both the US and Israel will try to exploit these divisions and tensions and in line with US imperialisms recent embrace of Turkey there are moves for the former to push the latter to itself become a sponsor for Hamas.

Hezbollah is more tightly controlled by the Assad regime with Iranian influence and Israel could well expect a response from here. But the position of Hezbollah must be affected by the problems on its border with Syria, not least with the influx of French and British special forces and intelligence agencies. It's quite possible that in the event of the Assad clique being removed a regime closer to Iran could be installed in Syria. One thing for sure is that further centrifugal tendencies will prevail and the danger of a wider war can't be ruled out. As the article says, the present diplomatic channels are just war by another means.

Imperialist tensions between Iran and Democrat gangsters, Intern


Imperialist tensions between Iran and Democrat gangsters, Internationalist Positions and Duties

A pamphlet which analyzes events in the Middle East from an internationalist perspective. Syria is a capital in the pamphlet and which roles gangsters as Turkey and France playing there have been analyzed. Reading of the pamphlet recommended.

A new Pamphlet would be published soon in English! This Pamphlet has already been published in Persian.

Issues in the pamphlet:

  • Iran claims regional power
  • A brief history of Iran’s Atomic Energy
  • Economic sanctions against Iran
  • Iran oil embargo
  • Selling equipment to Iran by Israel
  • A brief history of relations between Iran and Israel
  • Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities
  • Covert war of gangsters
  • Israel's relationship with other Middle Eastern countries
  • Destabilizing of Syria
  • Arming the Middle East by Democrat gangsters
  • Building of opposition for the futurer of Iran
  • The Left of Capital
  • Duties of Internationalists