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Forum topic: Imperialist manoeuvres go up a gear
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US withdrawal from Iraq

At Fort Bragg, North Carolina yesterday, President Obama addressed an audience of soldiers regarding the US withdrawal from Iraq. It was a very emotional occasion - even the stand was in tiers. Gone was the pre-presidential insolence about Iraq being a "dumb war" and here Obama presented it as "an extraordinary achievement" and "this moment of success". Obama talked about the four-and-a-half thousand US military personnel killed and the over thrity-thousand wounded but made no mention of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi casualties. Nor did he mention the financial cost which the BBC today reported ex-British Defence Secretary as assessing a few months ago at £1.1 million a day since this war started in 2003, and to further estimates of well over a trillion dollars can be added the current $3 trillion for health care costs of wounded soldiers. If this spectacle wasn't sickening enough for you then it was well surpassed in the Iraqi Green Zone today with ex-CIA boss and now Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta and various battled-dressed mass murderers invoking God, peace, prosperity and even "the fundamental dreams of humanity" in a trooping of the colour ceremony. What they - and all their news media - were talking about was the war since 2003. The 1990-91 Iraqi slaughter by the "UN" has presently been written out of history.


Certainly there will be no peace and Iraq, like the rest of the Middle East, will become more unstable. But, whatever the BBC says about "only a few hundred troops" being left, the US will maintain its presence here, not least because of the threat from Iran. According to the ex-Indian ambassador to Iraq, Ranjit Singh Kalha, quoted on the Russian news channel RT, around 20,000 personnel will remain in the new US "embassy" - a vast fortress complexity. Apart from the Baghdad embassy the US will maintain consulates in Basra (the scene of British atrocities and humilation), Kirkuk, the Northern Kurdish territories, each holding more than one thousand personnel. Given that the US has squashed any attempt by the Iraqi's to build up an air-force, the US will continue to continue to control Iraqi air space. And, apart from many thousands of mercenaries that are already there (at least 5000 according to the Boston Phoenix), Blackwater, aka Xe and now ACADEMI is trying to get back in through US contracts.


This new stage in the war in the proxy war between the US and Iran is not going to be easy for US imperialism. Iraq still doesn't have a functioning government and the pro-Iranian Prime Minister, Nouri al-Malaki has made life difficult for the occupation restricting military bases and threatening trials for war crimes. The "Awakening" militias encouraged by the US military are even more vulnerable to reprisals and the Iraqi armed forces and police are notoriously inefficient and corrupt. There doesn't have to be an Iranian assault but, if they can overcome their differences in this area, all the Iranians have to do is to keep the pot of instability bubbling to maintain further problems for the US.


Some troops were moved to the Jordanian-Syria border according to debka. You have to take their speculations always with a grain of salt, but this is "geopolitics".

War tensions around Syria rose alarmingly Thursday night, Dec. 15, when Turkey's top military council convened "to review the armed forces' preparedness for war" in response to the deployment of Syrian missiles, some tipped with chemical warheads, on their common border. debkafile's military sources report the meeting was led by Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

The Assad government also rushed armored units in two directions - to the Turkish frontier and also to the Jordanian border opposite the US special operations units from Iraq newly deployed to defend Jordan against a Syrian attack, as debkafile reported on Dec. 13
Our sources report that 21 Syrian missile launchers, five of them Scud D with chemical warheads, are deployed in northern Syria opposite the Turkish Hatai (Alexandretta) district. They were moved up in broad daylight to make sure Western spy satellites and Turkish intelligence surveillance saw them. More are on the way.

In Israel, the IDF announced it was reconstituting the special command for operations behind enemy lines under the command of Brig. Gen. Shay Avital.

Before the military council convened in Ankara, Turkey placed its border contingents, air force and navy on war preparedness.



The way the wind's blowing

A indication of the way thing's are going is a report by a French news agency yesterday. AFP reports that Camp Ashraf in Iraq, the home of some thousands of elements hostile to Tehran, has to close down before the end of the year. The camp contains elements of the terrorist group the "People's Mujahadeen". This group has been designated as "terrorist" by the US state department. Despite this designation the camp has been protected by US forces and one can reasonably assume that some of its 3,400 inhabitants have been involved in terrorist attacks inside Iranian territory. Despite appeals from the "UN", President Malaki has insisted that this safe haven been closed in two weeks time.


D-man, there were reports two days ago of incursions into Syria by opposition army elements from Jordan. There's probably the same from Turkey.

Asia a US priority now?

 While warmongering in Syria and Iran heats up, what about Asia in relation to Chinese vs US imperialism?