Forum topic: Cholera epidemic in Haiti: the bourgeoisie is a class of assassins

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Forum topic: Cholera epidemic in Haiti: the bourgeoisie is a class of assassins
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Cholera epidemic in Haiti: the bourgeoisie is a class of assassins. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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This is really disgusting. No

This is really disgusting. No doubt the cocaine trade has been re-established by the CIA and its local gangsters and the French bourgeoisie are still receiving compensation for the abolition of slavery in this country. But this is cold blooded murder. Despite fears about the spread of cholera from the Asian tsunami and the Pakistani earthquake and floods, it didn't materialise because it's relatively easy to stop it in its tracks.

There was one report earlier in the week that this particular strain of cholera had been identified as an Asian variety. This would be consistent with its geographical spread from where Indonesian UN troops are based. If so this another insult and injury heaped on the Haitian population and the working class that gave up its money so generously nearly a year ago. These UN troops are paid for out of the UN funds which, as far as I understand, includes donated amounts. If news about this strain is correct then the supposedly "helpful" UN (not really, they're just there for the money) would have started the infection that was waiting to happen. It reminds me of some of the UN "peacekeepers" in the Balkans during the 90s war that were from the region of Asia. They didn't have any shoes and the majority of them didn't have a clue where they were. But their governments were getting paid.

Whether instrumental in starting this epidemic or not, the UN and its complicity in this scandal reveals them once again as a corrupt facet of decomposition.

The depths of depravity seem

The depths of depravity seem to have no end.

It wasn't the Indonesian

It wasn't the Indonesian contingent of the UN as I said above but the Nepalese. There is no record of cholera ever occuring in Haiti and this strain, apparantly East Asian in origin, has spread along the Artibonite river during October close to the Nepalese base, which has sanitation problems. A week later the river was contaminated. Cholera exists in Nepa but don't expect any UN enquiry into the Haiti source.

Haiti is one of the biggest UN missions in the world with over 12,000 troops. According to The Guardian today, this has been a succesful "peacekeeping mission" of the UN with "(r)ampaging criminal gangs melt(ing) away and anarchy giving way to stability". The Guardian never misses a trick to get over its particularly insidious form of "liberal" racism as it ignores the self-organisation of the Haitian masses to counter the "criminal gangs" and to look after one another in the most horrendous circumstances in the face of the indifference of imperialism and its UN form.

There have been demonstrations, riots and attacks against the UN for about a week now and live ammunition has been fired at demonstrators. Yesterday, the "peacekeepers" killed at least one Haitian.

The UN's role is that of maintaining order for US imperialism in the main and each contributing government looks like it is getting a per head payment from a fund which includes donations from workers around the world. Obsencely the UN has launched a campaign for more donations which will effectively help to underwrite their repression function.

Once again, the captialist

Once again, the captialist "cure" just adds to the disease.