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Forum topic: Middle East: capitalism is a growing threat to humanity
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Middle East: capitalism is a growing threat to humanity. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

One of the main strengths of

One of the main strengths of this text is to warn against the tendencies to fluctuate from positions of fear and trepidation to calm and assurance along with the vicissitudes of the imperialist aspects of the international situation. The other main factor is the application of the analysis of decomposition that is the bedrock of these developments. There's no doubt that events are becoming more dangerous and uncertain at this level and that following this the bourgeoisie, as it does with many aspects of decomposition, uses these events against the working class by draining it with warnings of imminent war and lulls it with tales of peace. And behind this is the message that, from any particular bourgeois standpoint, the "protection" of the state is needed. Ultimately, if capitalism continues, it will be a combination of the effects of decomposition that will do for humanity and this is entirely within the framework of the decomposition of imperialism.

The original impetus for the recent protests against Israel seemed to come from the anger and desperation of the population of Gaza against their deteriorating and hellish situation and also against the wishes of Hamas. But the latter latched onto to them, taking the fore and ordering its members to take their families to the "front-line". It seems to have curtailed them now under pressure from Egypt leaving further misery. The acrid and noxious smoke from burning tyres which blew back into Gaza choking the population seemed to be a metaphor for the situation. The left everywhere has used the situation but the real winners are the jihadi's and fundamentalists whose fortunes have been revived by these events ensuring the continuation of terror/war on terror.

The North Korea "peace" circus has hit some problems recently but, overall, it's clear that this peace is just another element of imperialism. The US has offered to rebuild North Korea which has not gone down well with China and it also raises the question of a much closer relationship Between NK and China which, in the long term, would not be in US interests.


Agree with Baboon that Hamas is actually acting as a ‘soak’, an outlet, to disperse the effluent from the in tolerable conditions of Gaza (2 million + in a tiny area, with no apparent future for youth, 50% of the population, whatsoever) and that this is recognised by UN functionaries who helped pen the ‘Oslo Accords’ which have, inevitably, turned to shit.

Also agree that the main strength of this article is not the ebbs and flows of the immediate (the ‘games’ played twixt North and South Korea, for example) but in its application of the fundamental understanding of the period unleashed by the enforced collapse of the Eastern bloc and the perspectives arising, including the emergence of China as a player on the world imperialist arena.

Also, the necessary affirmation that the end-game is not yet in place. There’s still a world to win. Or to rescue...

"There is strong evidence

"There is strong evidence that the US military reined in Trump and made sure that great care would be taken to hit only regime facilities and not Russian troops[2]. But this doesn’t mean that either the US or Russian governments can avoid more direct clashes between the two powers in the future – the forces working in favour of destabilisation and disorder are simply too deeply rooted, and they are revealing themselves with increasing virulence."

Generally, support the article, but it should be pointed out that this passage seems in tension with a certain narrative that the increasing hostility with Russia is driven by a war party in the permanent state that aims to destabilize Trump in the name of the military-industrial-imperialist complex, not by Trump personally. In fact, the Guardian quote seems to suggest that it is actually the unelected bureaucrats running the show--Trump's belligerent public statements are something on the order of a nuisance. Of course, for the Guardian this seems like a good thing. 

And while it is true that there is a faction of the US bourgeoisie that was always suspect of Putin (John McCain), it is also nevertheless the case that until recently there was a continuity of policy in avoiding direct confrontations perhaps in a mistaken estimation that the Russian problem was a vestige of the past and its remnants could be managed diplomatically (all the while that NATO was pushed up to Russia's borders). W. Bush looked into Putin's soul and even Obama ridiculed Romney for suggesting Russia was still an enemy. There are even reports that the Obama adminsitration had hopes of a strategic alliance with Russia in Syria that was sabotaged by the Pentagon.

I also continue to think something is not entirely right with the analysis of the role of China in the world system today.