"Make America Great Again" means further war and instability

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"Make America Great Again" means further war and instability
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: "Make America Great Again" means further war and instability. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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The first point to make is the way the "battle for Mosul" has been reported in this country compared to the daily breathless reports around the war for Aleppo undertaken with the Russians by the butcher Assad. The reason for this "gap" in the reporting in Britain is simple: The interests of British imperialism are served, are indeed involved, in the battle for Mosul whereas these same interests were adversly affected by the Russian/Assad victory in Aleppo.

There's been a number of references, some from the intelligence services, that around 40,000 civilians were killed in the batlle for Mosul. Reporters noticed very few bullet holes in the masonry because it was mostly flattened by a massive artillery bombardment followed up by air-strikes. Batteries of Grad missiles, dozen after dozen at a time, and these are notoriously unreliable, were fired into the civilian districts that Isis held or flitted to and fro around. .

The mainly Sunni population is now being demonised as "Isis supporters" after having been left to their fate in the first place by the fleeing Iraqi army which left them weaponless. And now they face a new round of instability in the context of a war that will take new turns.

In Yemen, another war that British imperialism is actively defending its interests in, no-one really knows how many cholera cases there are but the numbers are in the hundred thousands.



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A rather sensationalist title but excellent interview on RT:

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The same as Mosul, Raqqa has

The same as Mosul, Raqqa has been totally destroyed and despite the thousands of civilians killed the "investigative" journalists of the democratic press have barely a word to say on the destruction and slaughter. The victorious Kurdish elements of the YPG raised a portrait of the Kurdish PKK leader Ocelan over the ruins of Raqqa, which is bound to raise further hackles in Turkey strengthening the prospect of a response from the latter.

In a post on Libcom against the Kurdish nationalists a while ago, I said that the Kurds, historically, were always at their most vulnerable when they seemed at their strongest. Kirkuk, etc.; has demonstrated this. The Kurdish independence referendum, supported by Israel, the UAE and Saudi, is now litter and what the latter hoped to be a check on Iran has proved anything but. The Iraqi army, even before exterminating the vestiges of Isis around Mosul, went on to Kirkuk and other towns and took them back from Kurd control to, it must be said, everyone's astonishment. Iranian forces led the way and skirmishes between the two sides were still going on yesterday. The Iraqi/Iranian advance was propelled by divisions and "treachery" within the Kurdish forces themselves which although historical and tied to outlandish bids for "national liberation", have been aggravated by general centrifugal tendencies of decomposition. It's also a further indication of the weakening of the US which has been outmanoeuvred by Iran on the ground, and which has supplied three of the major protaganists with some serious armements who are now threatening to turn them on each other..