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Manchester bombing
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Over the weekend there were furious reports in the press about the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being "soft on terror" in relation to the IRA while all the papers and TV were outbidding each other on how many active terrorists there were "out there": figures went from 20,000 on Friday, 23 thousand on Saturday to 30,000 on Sunday. The  Corbyn attack and the figures of active terrorists (released by the security services) were a blatant attempt to kill the emerging story of Britain's active involvement with an al-Qaida affiliated group that was based in and around Manchester and with at least one member involved in the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert a week ago. There's a good initial response to this from the CWO on the ICT website and it has provoked (not much of) a discussion on Libcom.

There is a whole Libyan milieu around the Fallowfields area of Manchester that have their roots in the al-Qaida linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which the bomber, Salman Abedi, and his family at least participated in (although young Salman seems to have progressed to Isis , though there's a compatibility between the two groups). According to the ex-MI5 agent, David Shayler, Britain frequently used the LIFG in the 90's against Gaddafi in Libya with one credible report that they paid them shedloads to assassinate the Libyan leader. When Blair and Britain were cosying up to Gaddafi they also turned on the LIFG, given up to the Libyan leader a number of their leaders and their families who, with the complicity of the British state and MI6, were then tortured. Now, with Gaddafi gone, and Libya in ruins and chaos from Cameron's, Obama's and Sarkozy great "victory", the British are using the LIFG again. They've used them before in Afghanistan and Syria: the war on terror is being "fought" by the British with terrorists.

Despite very clear and very definite warnings over years,  the bomber, Salman Abedi and members of his family, as well as other LIFG elements in Manchester, appear to have been assisted in their finances, travel, passport availability not only shuttling backwards and forwards to Libya but other countries too including Syria.

For the British state Salman went too far in bombing the Manchester Arena, but this was a killer in the making protected by British "intelligence" who was allowed to travel to "multiple countries" (according to US intelligence), who was clearly moving towards Isis (French and US intelligence) yet who was allowed to walk free and prepare a major bombing by the British state.

Interesting. Did you catch

Interesting. Did you catch the row between the US and the UK over leaks from US intelligence about the bombing? What was that all about? Who came out of that affair with more egg on their face--the US or UK?

In general

In general the secret services aspire to a sort of perverted internationalism where they are all on the same side. It doesn't work in practice because like all capitalist organisms they are riven by differences rivalry and competition. I read of an extreme example of this donkey's years ago in the British security apparatus in Malaya after the war. Some elements in MI6 (or whatever it was called at the time) backed the father of the current leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, Major General Aung San and the rivalry actually led to a shoot-out between the different factions in the security agency. The major general was assassinated soon after.

So there's inherent rivalry in these capitalist structures; you can see that in and between the US security services. The reason for the public anger from the British over the Manchester bombing, and Tillerson's special visit, was that leaks from the US (and France) immediately implicated the British security services in the protection and historical assistance in the milieu that was to eventually undertake the bombing in Manchester. There was probably some sort of "don't touch" on Salman Abedi and his family. American and French leaks clearly point to this probability.

They are trying to bury this now with all sorts of phoney news reports around the bombing from the police which are part of an attempt to cover up the tracks of MI6 and their dirty dealings. The furious reaction of the British to the very deliberate leaks demonstrate this.

That British spies should be backing al-Qaida linked groups is not unusual. In the 1980s/90s, London was called "Londonistan" by French and German intelligence for the sheer number of jihadi elements being sheltered, fed and watered there (of course the French and Germans did the same). That MI6 ran an al-Qaida affiliated milieu in Manchester is similar to the Muslim Brotherhood clique that it was (is) running in Exeter.

Am I being paranoid? A day after I made my first post on this issue on libcom, Yahoo informed me that an "unrecognised device" had used my password to enter my emails.Since then my Firefox search has been blocked by "Error".


baboon wrote:
I Am I being paranoid? A day after I made my first post on this issue on libcom, Yahoo informed me that an "unrecognised device" had used my password to enter my emails.Since then my Firefox search has been blocked by "Error".

That is interesting (in a scary way) Baboon, but you know what some people who question the dominant narrative about Russia hacking the US election say about these kinds of hacks--if a state actor did it they wouldn't be stupid enough to let you know they were there.

Links that stink

Above link to Middle East Eye article a couple of days ago which shows the links between British intelligence and HMG with the Al Qaida and IS linked terrorists of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). It shows the support given to this group by Britain and how these jihadis could come and go at will. The British haven't admitted the extent of their involvement nor the consequences that it had in the Manchester bombing.