London attack

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London attack
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A few words on the London attack, particularly with reference to the response of the bourgeoisie:

Given the attack's proximiity to the British parliament and the details of the assailant, the bourgeoisie's propaganda drive has not been anti-muslim as such but has rather taken the "Jo Cox" line which is that of the "unity of all" behind the interests of British imperialism.

The phrases are predictable and could be written by almost anyone: the attack was "evil" and "evil will not win"; "British values will be maintained" as will "British resolve" which means that "Britain will not be beaten" ("broken" or any one of a dozen such descriptions). You would think that Britain had been attacked by a fleet of war-planes and that this wasn't a murderous assault by a lone and deranged 52-year-old man from Kent who shouted before the attack that  "This is for Syria".

It's testimony to the growing weakness of Isis, particularly its international reach, that it has to rely more on individual criminal or unhinged types armed with kitchen accessories and despite the best attempts of the British bourgeosie to uncover a complex internonal plot or conspiracy around the killer nothing has been found so far. Indeed, as is increasingly usual in these cases, all of those arrested in police "swoops" have now been released including  of those which the police called "significant arrents".

The populists haven't had a look-in here; Nigel Farage (another 52-year-old from  Kent) and his mates are spreading their anti-migrant poison on Fox for a few dollars more. The "inclusive", multi-cultural classical bourgeoisie is in action here talking about how "we wo't be divided" and muslim victims of the killer are pushed forward while the "multi-fgaith" druids pefform their rituals for strengtheing the national interest. Though this process, no less racist than the populists but more inisdious, muslims in Britain have to demonostrate their "Britishness" and show themselves worthy to be represented by the "Mother of Parliaments"- a tumbledown building full of self-seekers, crooks, windbags and individulas with much more blood of innocents on their hands than that of the London attacker..

In the face of this "pure evil", i.e., one unhinged individual, British imperialism won't be deterrred from defending its imperialist interests. Over a few days last week hundreds of civilians in Mosul, Iraq have been killed and many more injured in US coalition air-strikes that have included British Tornado jets with British military personnel on the ground. Similar for Raqqa in Syria. In Yemen the slaughter and stravation of civilians continues with defenceless refugess shot to death on the seas. British weaponry and military personnel are involved here also.

The whole narrative around this attack in London is that the working class doesn't exist and as individuals we have to rally behing the defence of the state, a state that is one of the leading lights in a devastating and one-sided Middle Eastern war against civilians in the main. Isis and its adherents are just a bunch of amateurs compared to these killers.

all in it together...

Thanks for this. I agree that the main line on this event has been 'we're all in it together', we Brits just get on with it, etc. The attempts of Farage and co. to blame 'immigration' have been held up for ridicule, especially after it was clear that the perpetrator was 'home grown'.  That doesn't mean that the right wing populist won't continue to be pushed however.