Aleppo: World capitalism’s latest crime against humanity

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Aleppo: World capitalism’s latest crime against humanity
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Aleppo: World capitalism’s latest crime against humanity. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

war and hypocrisy

Good article. Irrationality abounds and spreads throughout the region with one contradiction after the other deepening the process and Aleppo stands out as a symbolic expression of capitalist decay.

Any possibility of a pause in the fighting and humanitarian relief to east Aleppo (and millions, including half-a-million children, are "under siege" by competing forces in various parts of Syria) came to an abrupt end when the Lavrov/Kerry agreement fell apart on September 17 when US, British, Danish and Australian fighter-bombers attacked Syrian government positions against Isis killing about a hundred troops and wounding a hundred more. it was  deliberate act by the "coalition" as was Assad's response in blowing up an aid convoy that was ready to move. But such "cease-fires" and "humanitarian aid" in this situation are as meaningless as those in previous wars and are part of the war and the escalation of war. Similar, if not greater suffering and devastation are also occuring in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen but Aleppo remains the focus particularly for the western media.

It looks like the butcher Assad has greatly strenghened the regime's position with the renewed assault on eastern Aleppo. Russian firepower has been crucial in freeing up his forces for this bloody assault which has also been strongly backed by Iranian Republican Guard forces, Hezbollah and mainly impoverished Afghan Hazaras press-ganged by Iran (many of whom have fled on the refugee routes). The Kurdish forces in Aleppo seem to be in line with the regime against Isis and al-Nusra (al-Qaida) but, echoing his domestic problems, the policies of Erdogan and Turkey contradict each other from one week to the next with clear disagreements between the President and his foriegn minister. But overall it looks like a Turkish/Russian rapprochement of sorts. Similarly with Egypt which has reportedly sent helicopter gunships and commando personnel to Syria in order to help the Assad regime. Egypt is more or less bankrolled by Saudi Arabia which, along with Qatar and the west, is backing various "rebel" factions showing further contradictions with Egypt's leader Sisi also turning towards Russia. There have been credible reports in the "Financial Times" recently that talks are going on in Moscow between the Russians and the Syrian "rebels", mainly al-Nusra. Whether they come to anything or not what they show clearly is the continuing weakness of the US in the region.

The tragedy of Aleppo has been hammered home relentlessly by the British media whereas it completely ignores other similar ones. British ministers Gove, Johnson, Fallon denounce Russia and call for the military beefing-up of "democracy". If the Americans are weakened in relation to Russia in the Middle East then Britain is impotently hanging onto its boot laces unable to do anything but bluster about democracy. The media exclusively puts forward the "rebels" cause from the British-backed jihadi infested "white helmets" to the pictures of burned and disfigured children that could be from any one of a half-a-dozen conflicts that Britain is involved in. The article above talks about the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie and nowhere better than the British bourgeoisie which, despite the "Mother Theresa" act of PM May, has abandoned young children from the Calais "Jungle" to their fate and wanted, when May was at the Home Office, to demonise immigrant children in British schools.

Despite the massive western media presence, we are not hearing much about the war to re-take Mosul in Iraq. The original plan of this US-led offensive was to almost surround Mosul leaving an exit towars the Syrian border through which Isis fighters could be evacuated - presumably to join the war against Assad. The Iraqi "Popular Mobilisation Units" (backed by Iran) put a stop to that plan by sealing up the gap and guaranteeing even more destruction in Mosul. Around Mosul the Kurdish KRG units have been wiping out Arab villages, setting up "camps" to house their inhabitants and, in a direct echo of the Assad regime, using their intelligence outfits to "interrogate" men under 60 with many disappearing.

A last point on the Kurdish "question": the authorities of the "revolutionary" state of Rojava, the Democratic Syrian Council, have sent a message to the new US administration paying its "deepest respects to the free and democratic choice of the American people". It welcomes the "new administration fighting for the oppressed and for peace and security"! That was posted on libcom a couple of days ago under the thread "Rojava reading guide" and so was a post in Spanish by Guerre de classe quoting what it calls internationalist positions on the war by Kurdish exiles. I can't read Spanish but it does look promising at first sight talking about the "deceptive image of the Rojava revolution" which "harms the genuine autonomous struggle of the working class".

Interesting: just as the

Interesting: just as the Assad regime and Russia are about to celebrate the "liberation" of Aleppo, ISIS has retaken Palmyra. Suspicions have been expressed, as Baboon alluded to, that this was made possible by Coaltition forces allowing ISIS fighters an escape route to Syria from Mosul. This takes place in the midst of a fierce anti-Russian campaign in the US media over Putin's alleged "election meddling." As a seemingly pro-Russian President Trump prepares to take office, the Democratic Party establishment and their new friends in the Republican war hawk fashion are talking a very frightening game with allegations that Putin himself was involved in the hacking that is now said to amount to an "Act of War" against the United States. Yikes!

Everyone's writing off Isis

Everyone's writing off Isis again but as jk indicates above they are very much alive and well and, as the Berlin attack shows, all they need is some jihadist-inclined petty crook and a motor vehicle and they are very much still in business in Europe. It's long life is basically due, directly and indirectly, to the USA's "war on terror" that the Trump regime is going to be in perfect continuity with and which will undoubtedly feed further atrocities in Europe. For the bourgeoisie, it is absolutely impossible to thwart such attacks despite the old "failures of the security services" which inevitably accompany the aftermaths of these attacks.

The hysterical reaction to the Berlin attack shows just how strong Isis remains and it follows the hysteria generated in Britain anyway, to the bombing of Aleppo, where "diverse" Channel 4 News became the 'Voice of al-Nusra' from their hospital and school command posts literally showing the media in the hands of the terrorists. While other elements of the media, from right to left, continue concentrating their fire on immigratio and refugees.

While British bombs and British forces continue to direct the Saudi's war in Yemen the British media has yet to show the same concern for mutilated and wounded children as they hypocritically displayed over Aleppo.

The US-led coalition's war against Isis in Mosul is not going as planned. Patrick Cockburn in today's "Indpendent" reports that the ten thousand strong elite Iraqi unit, the Golden Division, has suffered 50% casualties in its advance on Mosul. Kurdish and Shia paramilitaries have also suffered severe losses. The "liberation" of Mosul has come to a halt even before the main part of the city on the west bank of the Tigris has been taken and some territory that has been taken has been recaptured by Isis. For six weeks in the south the main thrust of the Iraqi offensive has not moved. It is likely that many of the disaffected and disrupted al-Nusra elements from Syria will now consider joining Isis.

FAKE NEWS - continued

Just to look at some examples of the fake news generated by the mainstream British media over the war in Syria: everyone of them reported, day after day, that there were 250,000 people "trapped" in eastern Aleppo and under bombardment. The actual figure turned out to be around 60,000. This doesn't at all reduce the responsibility of the regime and its allies' butchery and nor does it diminish Aleppo as a further crime of imperialism, but it does show the lies of the British media, lies that when they are exposed are just ignored.

In the latter stages of reporting the fall of Aleppo the mainstream British media reflected the impotent rage of its ruling class that its vital interests and military presence in Syria (totally ignored by the same media) and beyond were being seriously threatened by the regime's victory over the jihadis. This same media were increasingly, again in impotent rage, bigging up the murdered MP Jo Cox line shared by many elements of the bourgeoisie, that the RAF should be bombing Syria.

The journalist Robert Fisk, one of a few lone voices of journalistic integrity, talks about the way that reporting on Aleppo was handed over to social media and to the jihadists that controlled east Aleppo. In this case they would be linked to a British journalist in Beirut or Turkey for example and they were taking their feed from London. As Fisk says ".;..the armed men who control the areas from which these reports came know that they pull the same trick again". And so they have; on December 30 Channel 4 News was complicit in the same lying trick where a jihadist element in Idlib (having fled Aleppo), giving the jihadi line was presented by the programme as an "activist". Who needs fake news when you've already got fake news serving imperialist interests?