A Winter's Tale

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A Winter's Tale
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One of the strangest stories of the year has to be that of 37 year-old Mark Colborne of Southampton, who last week was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act for some sort of “plot” to kill Prince Charles and then for Prince Harry, a ginger person, as heir (or hair) to the throne to become king.

I must confess that as a child in infant’s school we regularly taunted ginger kids with the snappy refrain of “ginger, you’re barmy”; thus making an immediate connection between ginger hair and madness. On the other hand, my two long-term best mates were ginger and I think that I was attracted to them because, even at that young age, they tended to walk on the wild side a bit.

But back to poor old Mark Colborne of Southampton who despised “the dark-haired Caucasian fascists”: his idea of succession to the throne is confused – he would have had to kill several members of the royal family before the way was clear for Prince Harry to ascend to the throne. Even if he succeeded in this fiendishly stupid plot surely he was aware that the people surrounding his ginger hero had all sorts of hair colour: blonde, brunette, mousy, even bald. If Prince Harry was of a mind to introduce a ginger kingdom (a “gingdom”?), then surely he would have come up against the greater interests of the state?