Forum topic: A new front opened by Turkey and NATO will deepen imperialist chaos in the Middle East

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Forum topic: A new front opened by Turkey and NATO will deepen imperialist chaos in the Middle East
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: A new front opened by Turkey and NATO will deepen imperialist chaos in the Middle East. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Some developments


The Turkish army has taken the first steps in setting up a buffer zone in northern Syria (according to the "The Independent", 21.8.15) by "assisting" Turkmen militias to set up a base in the border town of Azaz. The Turkmen troops were flanked by columns of Turkish armour and it looks like the latter won't be returning to base anytime soon. Kurdish elements have accused the Turkish government of playing the ethnic card by harnessing and exacerbating such divisions - an action that Kurdish political and military forces are not unfamiliar with. Some Turkmen leaders have already accused the Kurds of using their militias to force Turkmen peoples from their homes and, in some cases, into the arms of Isis. Up to August 20, the Turkish military has launched over 500 strikes against the PKK, YPG and civilian Kurdish targets, while in the same period it has launched just 3 strikes against Isis.


As the ICC article says, the AKP has called a new election on the back of anti-Kurdish naionalism but it's by no means guaranteed that the party of Erdogan will have plain sailing towards the overall majority that it's after. Opinion polls suggest that support for the war is not enduring in the general population and the lower levels of the military. Talk by high level AKP polliticians about "martyrdom" and wanting to become "martyrs" themselves (while flanked by dozens of security personnel) has aroused some criticism and contempt.


"The Times" reports today that most Turkish soldiers killed so far are conscrips who can't afford the £4000 needed to buy out of military service and Halil Ibrahim Bahar, security expert at Ankara Strategic Institute says that people are asking "are we in a just battle with an enemy, or just some cannon-fooder in a political game?"

hey baboon, do you have a

hey baboon, do you have a blog? where is it ?

it's just a gesture, but i've plenty of facebook friends who could like it, but be put off by the icc site


oh and thanks for the post :-)

Hello lem, my

Hello lem, my pleasure.

There''s a blog on imperialism started on here by myself and it seems well-read and contributed to/.  I don't plan to start any other..

You sure you are not underestimating your friends somewhat? Surely they're not that faint-hearted?

that is a difficult

that is a difficult judgment.

i do have one anti marxist friend, a junky anarchist... he is actually a nice sweet guy, but his reading habits have led him to some odd (if not truly prenicious) conclusions.

a handful of people who look on communists with quite some suspcion but accept it from me - for whatever reason. which is perhaps a little strange: in that any "communist" can strike one as well meaning.

then (and this is what i was referring to) some friends who have an interest in corbyn and sanders. aside from an article from the icc which explicitly tackles this, i think these need to see that things are more complicated than they might seem, than have a solution offered to them.

with workplace struggle so very low key etc., one has to make the judgment on how to not seem too fringe. especially on facebook - where attention spans are at a premium and no-one really knows you


It's not useful to comment on

It's not useful to comment on every incident or development in this venture but the US warning to Russia over the weekend about its "military build-up" in Syria (based on a report `by a pro-Ukrainian blogger) is puzzling. The Russians have made no secret of their military presence and their arming of the Assad regime and the American are perfectly well aware of it. Along with a US request to the Greek government to ban Russian over-flights to Syria, the actions of the US constitute a further push by NATO.