Doctor Bourrinet, fraud and self-proclaimed historian

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Doctor Bourrinet, fraud and self-proclaimed historian
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Doctor Bourrinet, fraud and self-proclaimed historian. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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This is a very important text

This is a very important text in the light of the recent stepping up of attacks against the ICC. It draws several elements further together, not as a "plan", but as ongoing example of how some petty-bourgeois intellectual elements work hand-in-hand with thugs and liars in order to try to silence authentic revolutionary voices. This individual hatred and hurt pride, itself typical of the petty-bourgeosie is nothing new in the workers' movement.

There's loads to say about this but for the moment the best thing that I can say from personal experience is to insist on the collective nature of the ICC's works on the Dutch, German and Italian lefts. What a thieving, lying bastard.

Seeing as some of these slanders were repeated on libcom, should this text not be posted on there?


Thanks for those comments baboon - can you let us know where on libcom Bourrinet's slanders were published?

Long time ago

There's several texts from Bourrinet in the library on libcom with no discussion. It was years ago and I think that B's "ownership" of the texts came up in an attack on the ICC - not as a thread in itself. It went along the lines of another stick to beat the ICC with. Given the number of any old opportunity to slag off the ICC, these remarks could have been anywhere. I don't remember any discussion coming out of it but the ICC was definitely attacked over the issue.