War in Iraq: decomposing capitalism can only give birth to chaos and barbarism

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War in Iraq: decomposing capitalism can only give birth to chaos and barbarism
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: War in Iraq: decomposing capitalism can only give birth to chaos and barbarism. The discussion was initiated by baboon.
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Welcome article

I saw this article after I posted yesterday on some points about Isis. It's very welcome to have an article on Iraq and its analysis demonstrates the reality of decomposition and growing chaos. It will be interesting to see how the ICT approach the question. The article also demonstrates the centrality of Iraq for expressing the decades-old descent into decomposition from the Iran/Iraq War of the 80's - a war of pitched world war one type battles killing hundreds of thousands of young men and which wasn't strictly part of the Cold War - from which we have the intensified results of the twists and turns of decomposition which have summed up the deterioration of the situation. With the new "caliphate" you could think that it wouldn't get much worse but it probably will.

A few weeks ago I was posting on libcom about Isis and it's a depressing business. A small minority do see the dangers of imperialism but mostly there's the idea that it's the same old thing - there's a certain truth to this,  we are in a similar situation to world war one and nothing has fundamentally changed - but this is not what they mean. For the anti-ICCers, capitalism is not only surviving but things are not so bad and they can quote bourgeois statistics to demonstrate that this is the case. But I don't think that you can expect very much from a group that defends the idea of police trainers being part of a "proletarian" organisation.

The conflic between Israil

The conflic between Israil and palestin is going on . the dislike of massacre is rise . the voice of internationalist is low.
debat between internationalists is vital and necessary .
ict says:"The political crisis and authority of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip has to be located within this scenario The international crisis has hit the frail economy of Gaza like a hurricane."
is Gaza a weak chain of imperilism ? or war continues and spreads through the world .

Hello Amir, تحكي عربي؟

Hello Amir,

تحكي عربي؟

to: Jamal hello and thanks .I

to: Jamal
hello and thanks .I am very poor to write in English but try to understand me. my native language is farsi.i do not know arabic.
لا تحکی عربی

weak chain?

I am not sure if I understood Amir's question about the 'weak chain' in relation to Gaza. In the past the idea of the 'weakest link of imperialism' was used as an argument in favour of the idea that the revolution was most likely to develop in countries where capitalism was at its weakest. This was based on the experience of the Russian revolution, but while the Tsarist regime was certainly very brittle, a key element in the equation was also the very important tradition of struggle in the Russian working class, both on the mass level and at the level of its political minorities. This is definitely not the case with the proletariat in Gaza (or Israel/Palestine and the Middle East in general) which is trapped in a deadly spiral of nationalism and repression despite the existence of some important counter-tendencies (for example the massive strikes in Egypt over the past few years, or the social revolt in Israel in 2011) 

But perhaps you were posing a different question here?

I want to say nationalism is

I want to say nationalism is not force that could weaken imperialism.as lenin and other argued.nationalism is imperialism.