Industrial murder

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Industrial murder
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Another massive industrial murder: after the fire in Dhaka last November,

and the explosion at the Waco fertiliser plant

There is a very good article by Red Marriot on libcom, showing both the horror of the collapse and the indignation of the local working class:


The Upper Big Branch MSHA

The Upper Big Branch MSHA clusterfuck that resulted in 29 dead coal miners continues to be a farce.

Local news here had a story about the investigation of 2 supervisors, working for Massey, who were apparently ordered to enter the mine after the disaster (but before the MSHA investigation) to whitewash and clean up. Two sets of books (one internal, one for the MSHA) were used by Massey, including at Upper Big Branch- one containing accidents and reports of injuries and hazards, the other without any mention of them. Not even the spectacle of justice was achieved in this tragedy; the company paid a settlement (3/4 of which was for past unpaid MSHA-OSHA violations and penalties) and admitted no fault, and the government agreed.

The mine was then sold by Massey to Alpha Natural Resources; who opted to seal the mine and the crushed corpses buried in it.

Despite the protests and legitimate outrage and concern expressed by the union (UMWA), to this day they include non-union mines (including Massey Energy) on their jobs page for coal miners who were trained by UMWA (new miners), or miners who work in an UMWA represented mine who are being laid off/moving/etc.

There's a disconnect between the union struggles for mine safety legislation while at the same time directing union miners to work for companies with a track record as abhorrent and malicious as Massey (showing clearly that there is no real difference between being union or non-union; the risks are the same, the companies are the same).

This case demonstrates quite clearly the impasse faced by workers everywhere- there are no reforms, there is nothing to gain from the trade unions- there's no alternative to the capitalist barbarism other than communism.




mass murder

mhou is quite right in saying "there's no alternative to  capitalist barbarism other than communism." And the case he outlines proves the point in a highly "developed" country where "companies as malicious " as Massey can do pretty much anything they want, and get away with it. But then the bourgeoisie world wide does pretty much anything it wants - its malice knows no bounds - and gets away with it unchallenged. Until that is we reach the point when we decide to bring it to a stop. When will that be? 


But the Bangladesh situation is reaching grotesque proportions,  with horrific disasters - industrial murder - happening with sickening regularity. Why does anybody still bother to go to work in Bangladesh at all? God knows they barely even get paid!  So why go? The answer of course is that under capitalism we all need even the most ridiculous and tiny amount of money the bourgeoisie can spare  - wages: "a just wage for a just day's work" or some such crap - just to keep going from day to day.  We live on pittances squeezed out of the capitalists in circumstances that often threaten our very lives.  And the threats don't all have to be physical (fires and building collapses, or poisoned polluted surroundings) they can be psychological too, producing appalling miseries and unhappiness.  Oh! How grateful we all should be, to the bourgeoisie; its generosity and love of humanity;  its endless concern for the planet and the reign of peace world-wide!  Where would we be without them? How could we manage without them, enforcing their extortionate mode of life on our existence, just so they can make their profit? And fight their vicious wars!  If you don't get crushed in a collapsing badly built factory, or burned to death locked inside one, there's always the possibility of slow death at the hands of radioactive tsunamis, sudden extinction by remote bombings, rockets or drones,  distasteful and agonizing  elimination via chemical weaponry,  or sudden erasure at the hands of sharp shooters from one side or another of their perpetually warring gangs: official or otherwise. 


It isn't just "industrial murder" the bourgeoisie have invented, they have turned mass murder into an industry. It's the only thing they're good at now. 





now china

we can add another, from yesterday:

BEIJING — The company operating a poultry processing factory in northeast China where a fire and ammonia gas poisoning killed at least 120 people had been praised and supported by government officials as a model enterprise, raising questions of whether the officials had done thorough and aggressive inspections.

A leak of ammonia gas used for preservation of meat in cold storage might have led to the explosion on Monday, which resulted in what state news media called the worst workplace fire in many years. Any problem in ammonia storage or other workplace conditions did not appear to have been spotted or publicized by officials.