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Blowing up America
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What thoughts about the 'explosion' of explosions in the US? Boston is now being presented as Chechen terrorism, which will bring in the imperialist dimensioin and a pogrom spirit; the Texas disaster is lamented as a mere accident. But it seems that the plant was dangerously close to an old age home, a school, and many residential homes, so however it started, it was a form of industrial murder.  The Ricin letters affair also seems unconnected in the immediate, but is yet another sign of advancing decomposition. 

What do the comrades in the US think?

an american writes ...

this american doesn't seek to shoehorn everything into a theory. the TX thing is rightly described as industrial murder, and i wonder (i haven't read yet) what safety standards were like inside, scrimping on which is a very common way to "maximize shareholder value". that's not a sign of advancing anything, it's venerable capitalist practice. but in regards the boston thing i haven't heard much talk about chechen terrorism, and only a tiny more about muslim terrorism. most comments i've seen are comparing this to columbine. the ricin thing sounds like a person who has solid information and has reached his limit in frustration with the interests of the political powers (not to justify it but it can be furiously galling). reaching your limit in frustration with political powers is ... how old?


Well, the President in

Well, the President in Chechnya has already come out and said, "Don't blame us, these kids grew up in the U.S." He is right about that, of course. It seems the pheneomenon of "home grown" Islamic terrorism in the West has to be mostly understood as a function of the decomposition within those countries, rather than some imported poison. Since details about these two young men have emerged, the media has brought out the shrinks trying to explain what would drive two young men, who supposedly had so much in front of them, to do these horrendous things. How are these young people "radicalized"? Of course, it seems at some point in the future, they will be asking this same question about communists. How are young people "radicalized" (We might use a different phrase like "politiziced") into rejecting the mores and values of the dominant culture in favor of communism? That bears some thought.

It still may emerge that there is a foreign connection here. Supposedly, they threw hand grenades at police. Where in the world did they get hand grenades (or is that just media misinformation)? But, the basic question remains: how could two young men, living in the West, be "recruited" for this kind of insanity?

On the plant explosion in Texas: I am not sure they have completely ruled out terrorism there either (this plant was really close to Waco), but if it turns out to be an "industrial accident," I wonder if there will be any Interfaith service? Will Obama travel to Waco for some kind of ceremony (a place where he is probably despised)? It seems that if you die at the hands of a terrorist you are a martyr, but dying from an occupational hazard, while sad, is accepted as par for the course.



I'm not in the US, but I'm angry

What a difference, as jk points out, made by the state between the martyrs of Boston and the unfortunate, it couldn't be helped, victims of West. Almost immediately US TV reporters were saying that West was "just" an industrial accident and here they were parroting the authorities. It appears that over time the buildings encroached on the fertilizer factory but that's no excuse. As Alf says, there was a nursing home for the elderly, a school and many residential buildings in close proximity.  Anyway five city blocks have been leveled. It's very much like the Toulouse fertilizer factory explosion in early 2000 where 28 workers were killed plus one child. Ten thousand five hundred were injured, a quarter of them seriously. Total, who ran the plant, was cleared of all responsibility is subsequent proceedings. The hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie flows through their veins like blood. Or ammonium nitrate which was present at both plants.

Turn to the "celebrations" around Boston - an atrocious attack on a fun day out. But here the element is terrorism and so the state plays it up for all its worth. There is the imperialist dimension in that the US will use this for those interests - as well as increasing internal repression, though the Obama administration is already facilitating much of that. Historically, in Afghanistan, US agencies have used the Chechen fundamentalists in their imperialist manoeuvres, as they did in Bosnia and there were reports of Chechen fighters coming in through Turkey to support the Assad "opposition".