New video: capitalism poisons the earth

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New video: capitalism poisons the earth
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18 minute vid made by an ICC sympathiser.

The U-tube blurb reads:

An agit-prop movie based on articles by The International Communist Current ( and compiled by a sympathiser. It aims to show why the mode of production known as capitalism is responsible for the various grave threats to the stability of the earth's environment on which we all depend and why the struggles of the international working class contain within them the possibility of a way forward. At the same time, the film argues against knee-jerk anti-nuclear arguments or those proposing 'green' solutions which leave current social relations intact. In short, we need a revolution!

Constructive comment and criticism is welcome as is help distributing/promoting the movie.


There are similar experiments on libcom


This is an impressive piece of work. Congratulations! I must admit my first impression was that maybe it was trying to cover just too much ground - this is a massive and complex subject after all - but on reflection I think its strength is precisely that it offers an overarching perspective on all these apparently disparate issues (disparate in a bourgeois ideological context that is); this should be what revolutionary organisations offer in the present period of capitalism's decomposition. I hope it provokes more responses on youtube etc. I also hope it prompts similar efforts from sympathisers and supporters. So what's next...?!

Good impact

This had a good impact I think and like MH think that there should be more. As one who has embraced the new technology with all the panache of a cow with a gun I think that one can learn as one takes these challenges on.

My only critique is the somewhat heavy-handed disclaimer at the end which sort of disassociates the whole thing from the ICC. It didn't seem right. But good stuff.

John Gaunt

Thanks for the input and generous comments. Hopefully others will in time contribute videos aiming to illustrate the ICC's politics and give further 'reach' via 'new media'.  Will 'soften' any future disclaimers, though I feel some form of wording is required as these are, at present, individual efforts not yet directly guided by the ICC. As for 'what's next', well any suggestions welcome!

I agree with baboon about the

I agree with baboon about the slightly offensive disclaimer. I liked the music and would have liked a lot more. The sound on a video works to affect a viewer's response to the images presented, as I learned from working in the field many years ago. Thus I was sorry that the valiant commentator struggled with that frog in his throat for so long, but never got rid of it. I am not being flippant! The commentary is vitally important to a video that has one. As is tbe music. Some of the images were very striking indeed and well chosen. I would have liked more and a simpler explanation of what capitalism is - with dramatic pictures of struggle plus music - and less anti-nuclear stuff. But this may be for next time. This video is about tbe poisoned planet. But a very interesting first attempt, and I look forward to more and wish I could help but i can't!

Agree with all the positive

Agree with all the positive comments. Maybe now you've got the taste for them you could produce one (as if by magick ; ) on National Liberation/ armed guerilla fighting and why it's a load of old balls. It's so often seen as the representation of 'revoution'. Not so much Combat Liberalism as combat caricatures.

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