Homage to Il Jae Lee

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Homage to Il Jae Lee
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Homage to Il Jae Lee. The discussion was initiated by radicalchains.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

I thought this was very well

I thought this was very well written with respect and admiration and also highlighted some intertesting things about Korean history. Did the comrade write any articles that have been translated into Enlgish? I would certainly look forward to reading them. Korea is a country that doesn't seem to get written about much in English, which is especially dire as I understand there is a rich history of working class and political struggle.

Marin Jensen
Korean history

I'm not aware of anything Il Jae wrote being translated into English. There is a brief overview of Korean history in our "Report on the 2006 Conference", and we published an article in 2009 on the struggle at Ssangyong. Christ! Three years ago already!!

Loren Goldner has also written a piece on class struggle in Korea which is quite informative.

If you really want to get into the history of the Korean working class specifically though, the only book I have been able to find in English is Hagen Koo's excellent description of the emergence of class struggle in South Korea especially. There was a very detailed account published at the time of the 2006 conference, but sadly it was only in Korean.

Thanks LoneLondoner, you're

Thanks LoneLondoner, you're very helpful. If I get the time I will cross reference some of the points in the articles with the one book I already have on Korea - Korea's Place in the Sun: A Modern History.

red flag

I was moved by the obituary to II Jae Lee through all his suffering at the hands of the various national bourgeosies and to see that he obviously never stopped reflecting upon his political experience and perspective.  The problem that many workers face is how to overcome those beleifs that hold back effective interventions in the class struggle.  For me the problem of recognising the counter revolutionary role that unions play and to see how Marxists can effectively win workers away from these forms of organisation and replace them with organisations that be used to take the class struggle forward to a new level of struggle.  Looks like II Jae Lee was also thinking along these lines before he died.