International Communist Cruise ship

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International Communist Cruise ship
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A few commentators have been sniping, that these decadent abominations never should have existed. I don't want to be a contrarian (like Spiked) or a Utopian (luxury communism: yachts for everyone!), but here are just some frivolous remarks about cruise ships (this thread can be marked as a place for banter in general, if the forum needs one of those).

First, is the battering of the cruise line industry not the symbol of an era's end, like the sinking of the Titanic was for the Belle Epoque? Youtube videos of tours of the biggest, most luxurious cruise ships, at least for me now, don't invoke a disgust at their vulgarity or claustrophobia, but rather leave an impression of comfort (and perhaps already nostalgia for a lost phenomenon), even compared to regular living quarters of a lot of people on land (and in shanty towns in the Third World), their already online-focused lives, let alone now in lockdown.

The rapid spread of disease can occur on any ship (eg also military vessels) or big communal spaces on land (work places, nursing homes), so this can't be tied inherently to cruise ships.

Cruise ships do not necessarily provide only entertainment or playgrounds for kids, but can easily be structured/booked for serious events, like academic conferences (usually there is a large theatre/hall with hundreds of seats), and communist university sessions/conferences as well, even without requiring much rebuilding.

When cruise ships are out in international waters, they are - in a simple sense - floating international communes. Perhaps this "free-floating" nature gives mutinies (struggles for freedom) more easy intitiave on ships than on land? (Battleship Potemkin, the Aurora cruiser, the Petropavlovsk warship). Yet, a ship must refuel or dock eventualy. (though some plants can be grown on a ship)

There is the story of Noah's Arc (in the end-times movie 2012, a tiny percentage of mankind finds recue on a huge ship, built by China). Moreover, the building of a ship is compared to the struggle/construction of communism, in the famous score of a great Soviet 1970s film. Here are the lyrics (written by Natalia Konchalovskaya):

A great boat our grandfather
decided to build for his grandchildren,
Built all his life!
But our grandfather didn’t finish it -
Left to our father.
We were waiting for this boat -
But we awaited.

Our father’s big boat
decided to finish building for the grandchildren,
Built all his life!
Dreamed, my friend, then on that boat
he'd walk with you around the world
But dreams shattered
Our dreams,
Our dreams...
And we began to build
The whole ship!

My son, such an hour will come
What will you wake up with the dawn
On the ship.
And stand firmly on deck
To the ocean of life
And they will incarnate in you
Our dreams,
Our dreams.
From grandfather's boat
The ship has grown!
Here it is, our pride,
It floats free
And the storms are not terrible for it!

My son, be worthy
Take our banner
Good will and faithful hand,
And take along with you
My faith
In your happiness
Into the world to come -
It will come,
Will come for all



ET UFOs and aliens

I'm not particularly knowledgeable in the subject of (ET) UFOs, but I will try to avoid being flippant, and perhaps we can have an informative discussion.

For info on the specific videos that were confirmed by the Pentagon, one can see the military witnesses themselves explain in The Nimitz Encounters (30 min., +5 million YT views), a technical exchange between debunker Mick West and Chris Lehto, or eg a context video by Alpha Check

A concise documentary of more, older UFO sightings is The Phenomenon (2020) by James Fox (reviewed in The Guardian), who re-uses material from his previous documentaries (back from 2003) and here enjoyed cooperation with Jacques Vallée. Fox's I Know What I Saw (2009) was also concise.

Researcher-experts that strike me as good are eg the late Stanton Friedman, and Rich Hoffman.

One of the most high-ranking (state) officials, claiming (or admitting) far-reaching involvement in government programs on UFOs, was Philip Corso.


One of the broader implications of the existence of a military "deep state" cover-up concerns the evolution of technical advances. Related to this is the expressed frustration or critical complaint, that the military asserts classified patents on technologies that civilian engineers came up with, thus barring the general use of such technologies for the betterment of humanity. That is, what I essentially hear is the complaint not just that the enormous budget for military Research & Development is "wasted", but that the state actively stifles/shuts down existing, promising inventions. As to reverse-engineering technologies from UFOs, the claim is that military research is conducted via outsourcing to a select group of private contractors or a few companies in the arms industry, thus alien-technology is boosting the profits of the arms industry. There seems to be a contradiction between this latter claim, namely that essentially the past 75 years (post WWII) of progress came from alien technology (thus implying a retardation of/barrier to human inventiviness, reaching its peak with the atom bomb), and the former claim that cilivian (human) engineering is capable of "good" benefitial progress (but is stiffled by the military).

Btw, Lenin wrote:

As we have seen, the deepest economic foundation of imperialism is monopoly. This is capitalist monopoly, ... it inevitably engenders a tendency of stagnation and decay. Since monopoly prices are established, even temporarily, the motive cause of technical and, consequently, of all other progress disappears to a certain extent and, further, the economic possibility arises of deliberately retarding technical progress. For instance, in America, a certain Owens invented a machine which revolutionised the manufacture of bottles. The German bottle-manufacturing cartel purchased Owens’s patent, but pigeon-holed it, refrained from utilising it. ... the tendency to stagnation and decay, which is characteristic of monopoly, continues to operate, and in some branches of industry, in some countries, for certain periods of time, it gains the upper hand.

Another implication of the continuity of such a cover-up is the powerlessness of politicians (the president, congress people, and even appointed military leaders), who are themselves unaware or unable to disclose the cover-up (by the deep state, which is tied to private companies), except perhaps initially (with Roswell) President Truman. Contrary to a common psychological explanation, that ufologists are just apolitical and alienated in capitalist society, I'd say their position implies a call to action by ordinary people, that would have to take on the full force of repression and propaganda methods by the "deep state".



hmmm ...

Not exactly sure what's going on, but if there's to be an ICC cruise, pease let me know, as I'm vaccinated and would sign up for it. 

hmmm ...

Not exactly sure what's going on, but if there's to be an ICC cruise, pease let me know, as I'm vaccinated and would sign up for it. 

Glad someone finds an appeal

Glad someone finds an appeal in cruise ships. Bantering some more (I don't recall what originally prompted me), maybe they're also appealing because there are no pets allowed aboard, hence no dog shit and barking, no cruelity of animals on leashes, and chiefly, no narcissistic pet-owners. Btw, the movie WALL-E (2008) was sort of about a space cruise ship. Next year (2022) a remake of Death on the Nile comes out (starring eg Gal Gadot, Russell Brand), but seemingly (unlike the 1978 movie) without the character of the "outspoken communist" Mr. Ferguson. They're a nice setting to explore social relations, also for metaphors.

What I was saying about UFOs, is that it's just a random topic, that one can't dedicate a special new thread to, but is interesting to mention on the forum anyway (if the admin allows me to do a suggestion, I consider this thread a good place for anyone to "dump" all their random fleeting thoughts and remarks, without defined subject). UFOs are not some particular crazy American cultural thing, the sightings exist in many different places (France, Russia, Israel, Brazil). Also, those debunkers who explain them as secret military tests of weapons, thereby assume that the government is very capable of guarding secret programs (and obviously it is known that senstive state documents from +100 years ago are still classified). I think it's undeniable, that crashed UFOs would be basically hidden forever by the US state apparatus.



d-man wrote:
I consider this thread a good place for anyone to "dump" all their random fleeting thoughts and remarks, without defined subject)

^ I'm tempted to think forums do need a space or running thread (like the present one) for banter. I can understand there are good reasons to dislike banter, and in particular banter on a forum that is dedicated to the most serious topics (eg how can you still take someone serious, if the previous second they had shared their favorite disco songs or comment on a sports game?). Banter is a way to express individual preferences, jokes, half-baked thoughts, that aren't supposed to be submitted to the rules of reason or be challenged in debate. In that recognizably annoying lexicon, whose invention is to blame on unknown Americans, this can also be called "vibing" (or shit-posting). There is no good purpose to it, and doing it on social media/online chat groups likely couldn't even be called a real form of "vibing". For all that, people still persist in doing it, and even get angry at or mock others who (apparently) don't follow along. And yet, I would allow for the creation of a space for this on a forum, even if only to quarantine it.


Anyway, my half-baked thought for today:

I wonder, does anyone know whether in general anarchists personally like to play games? I mean card games, video games, and sports games (even just individual performances). I don't know anarchism's "culture" very well. I suppose Makhno's soldiers played card games. Probably in Spain the anarchists played card games as well, in cafes. But maybe those were more ordinary people, not really militant ideological anarchists. I suspect anarchists would not like to play by the rules (inherent to all games). They could either condemn games as the invention of idle patricians, but equally they could praise games as having some kind of origin in working-class revolts or subliminal expression of the inner child's anarchy.