"Internationalist"or "International CP ?

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"Internationalist"or "International CP ?
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Internationalist Communist Party” or “International Communist Party” ?

The Spanish-language website of the ICC published the article "Battaglia Comunista: On the Origins of the International Communist Party" ("Battaglia Comunista: Sobre los orígenes del Partido Comunista Internacional").

My apologies for not addressing the certainly important content of the article here.

But the article carries a confusing title.

Is it about the Partito Comunista Internazionalista with Battaglia Comunista as its organ ?

Or is it about one of the many groups with the name Partito Comunista Internazionale ?

If one reads the article further, it becomes clear that it is first and foremost about the Partito Comunista Internazionalista, the organisation with as its organs Battaglia Comunista and Promoteo, the main organisation of the Internationalist Communist Tendency.

Only in note 3 accompanying the article , a note which clarifies much, is there explicit mention of the Partito Comunista Internazionale (around Bordiga).

Perhaps the confusing title is just a computer "quirk" that made the last 4 letters disappear.

Indeed only a few letters differ, but still important, also because there is e.g. also a fundamental difference in the attitude towards the proletarian political milieu and towards the ICC between on the one hand the PCInternazionalista and on the other hand e.g. the PCInternazionale with as organ "le prolétaire" or the PCInternazionale with as organ "il partito comunista".

Let us be honest : it is surely difficult enough with 5 groupings with the name "International Communist Party", according to the "International Library of the Communist Left".

(Note )

Let us all be more careful about the names of organisations.

If such errors do crop up, let us all correct them as quickly as possible.

Thank you comrades.


According to the "International Library of the Communist Left" http://www.sinistra.net/con/addresses.html there are currently 5 groups with the name "International Communist Party" :

Some of these "parties" are most likely dying out.

The name of all these "parties" can be shortened to PCInt and then cause confusion with the Partito Comunista Internazionalista (Battaglia Comunista) or also PCI and then cause confusion among themselves.

It is also "lucky" that the best-known bearer of the abbreviation PCI ("Partido Comunista Italiano"), the Stalinist and later "Eurocommunist" party, was disbanded in 1991.


Battaglia and Programma have the same origin

You are right: there are different groups with the name “International Communist Party”. “All the evidence shows that this ‘party’ is divided into four or five groups, including the International Communist Party (Communist Program), stemming from the same tree - all claiming to be the only legitimate heir of the Italian Left and the sole incarnation of the ‘historic party’ of their dreams.” (The origins of the ICP (Communist Programme): what it claims to be, and what it really is)

The title Battaglia Comunista: On the origins of the International Communist Party may seem a bit confusing, but it refers to the article in International Review 32, which was about the origin of Communist Program. As part of this article was also published the “Appeal of the Agitation Committee”. This Appeal, of April 1945, was actually a proposal for a united front with “the agitation committees of parties of a proletarian direction and to the union movements”, i.e. cover organisations of the stalinist and social democratic party. It was published in 1945, the moment that the Bordiga tendency and the Damen tendency were still in the same organisation, the PCInt. The Damen and the Bordiga tendency shared the same responsibility for the publication of this Appeal.

When the split came in 1952 the Bordiga tendency had to leave the PCInt and founded the PC Internazionale (Communist Program, Il Comunista, Le Prolétaire) while the Damen tendency remained in the PCInt and kept the publications Prometeo and Battaglia Comunista. Although Battaglia Comunista polemicised a great deal against Communist Program, it has never attacked its origins, because these origins are the same for both groups.

Only in 1977 when the ICC “just brought up the errors of the PCInt in the war period in its press, Battaglia answered with an indignant letter admitting that there had been mistakes, but claiming that they were the fault of comrades who left in 1952 to found the PC Internazionale.” But in reality “it was written by the Centre of the Party in the North, led by the Damen tendency which is today Battaglia Comunista. (Battaglia Comunista: On the origins of the International Communist Party)

You write that you have the impression that the article is about Battaglia Comunista. The answer is yes and no. It is a polemic with Battaglia Comunista on the errors that took place in the “prehistory” of the PCInt, when all tendencies and comrades (Damen, Bordiga, but also Vercesi, etc.) were still gathered in one and the same organisation.

There is no error and there is no need to correct something here.

Thank you for the respons.

Thank you for the respons.

More soon.


Thank you for the response.

Thank you for the response.

The title of the article "Battaglia Comunista: On the Origins of the International Communist Party" is confusing at first sight, or at least it seems confusing.
The confusion arises from the fact that the "Partito Comunista Internazionalista" is very often referred to by the name of its currently bimonthly publication, "Battaglia Comunista".
But "Battaglia Comunista" was of course also the name of the organ of this party before the split in 1952, so also when Bordiga, Maffi, Vercesi, etc. still belonged to the party.

It seems that with the title of the article, the ICC contributes to the confusion about the different "parties".
But that is indeed not so.
Apologies for the "accusation" to or “blame” on the ICC.

Perhaps it would have been better, since the "PC Internazionalista" and the "PC Internazionale"("Communist Program", "Il Comunista", "Le Prolétaire") are "from the same tree"the title should have referred to the "PC Internazionalista".

But then again, that would perhaps lead to confusion in relation to the articles to which this ICC article is a response.
It is the sad reality itself of the different "parties" that is simply very confusing.

You are right, when one talks about the origin of the "PC Internazionalista" one is (indirectly) also talking about the origin of the "PCInternazionale" ("Communist Program") (and also about the origin of the other groups with the same name), since they all "come from the same tree", especially since neither the "PC Internazionalista" nor any of the groups with the name “PC Internazionale" have apparently ever questioned the creation of the "party" in the midst of the counter-revolution (1943-1945).

It's a very good thing once again to clarify (or to try to clarify)the difference and similarity between the "Partito Comunista Internazionalista" and the "Partito Comunista Internazionale" ("Communist Program", ) and the other "Partitos Comunista Internazionale".

In this sense, it seems to me that neither my request for clarification and even correction (even if based on a misunderstanding), nor the clarification itself is a wasted effort.

Fortunately, there is no error here, so of course there is no need to correct anything.