Debriefing Sen. Johnson & Dr. Risch: what do you think?

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Debriefing Sen. Johnson & Dr. Risch: what do you think?
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An interview in English with French subtitles:

Debriefing Sen.Johnson & Dr. Risch : "Ils ne reconnaîtront jamais leurs torts !" [VOSTFR]

What do you think about that?

It's important issue, but

It's important issue, but seems best to have just one thread for it.

Anyway, if I had to give my 2 cents of "conspiracy theory", it is the following:

- The apparent incompetent management is meant to demoralise the population's willingness to support actual proper measures, ie it's sabotage. At this point it' would be almost better for them to do nothing (and let common sense caution of people prevail for dealing with the situation), than keep flooding the airwaves 24/7 with distracting messages and drama.

- China was having falling profit in the year 2019 (and iirc some panicky plunges in stock market), so the economic situation was going bad. Perhaps they were expecting a severe economic crash in 2020 and pre-empted it by artificial self-planned crisis.

- It's possible (but not likely imo) that the vrius escaped a Whuan laboratory (which did seem to do dangerous biochemical things, on behalf of Americans). it happened before at least, if you look at the wiki for the Sars bird flue, there did occur a breach from a laboratiry (admittedly already some months after the outbreak, so it wasn't the starting cause).



Dr. McCullough : faillite de

Dr. McCullough : faillite de l’ignorance des traitements précoces [VOSTFR] (in english)

french subtitle in the "english" subtitle.

Témoignage du Dr Pierre Kory
New Kory's interview

Dr Pierre Kory interview, by France Soir.

Presentations are in French, but everything else is in English.

Do not hesitate to comment, I would like to have your feedback.