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Unpublished comments
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It seems the scourge of unpublished comments has returned to the ICC website and some comrades have reported difficulties.

Since the site upgrade, spam seems to be handled slightly differently and not all unpublished comments appear in the spam queue. Another problem is that my account is able to see unpublished comments but they aren't clearly marked. So, to me, they appear to be fine.

If anyone is having difficulty with unpublished comments or you see me appearing to respond to posts that you can't see (!), please let me know so I can try and make the comments properly visible.

Please note that, if I publish a comment, it will have some of the HTML stripped from it and you may have to go back in and edit it to make it readable.


Tried to help: Failed

Are the comments being trapped in the spam filter or is it a login problem? If you point me to the thread, I'll see if the posts are visible and release them ... assuming they were posted at all. I've tried checking the filter and your profile but nothing appears unpublished.

I discovered this morning that Firefox now appears to be exhibiting some problems in the edit bar, leaving Chromium-based browsers the only way to reliably post.

Also, script-blocking, ad-blocking, etc. can interfere with site mechanics so you should try disabling these or whitelisting the site for them (preferably at domain level where possible).



I haven't seen that for comments. Is it still happening - you're obviously posting now. Have you tried the usual things? Clearing browser caches, using Chrome or Chromium based browser (I recommend Iron), etc.

Anyone else

Has anyone else seen what CW described?

Yes, a few weeks ago and then

Yes, a few weeks ago and then it stopped. Using Firefox without any problems at the moment.