wsws went off the rails

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wsws went off the rails
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It seeks to legitimize US aggression by falsely characterizing Russia as “imperialist.” While the government of Vladimir Putin is pursuing a reactionary agenda in Syria, based on the interests of the layer of capitalists and oligarchs it represents, Russia remains a dependent economy encircled and dominated by Western imperialism.

For the ISO, the definition of Russia as an imperialist power emerges not on the basis of a serious examination of the country’s historical evolution or the nature of the society that emerged out of the dissolution of the USSR. Rather, it is a terminological expedient that allows it to support US-led military operations against Russia. Thus, in the supposedly inter-imperialist conflict between the Washington and Moscow, the ISO comes down decisively in favor of the former.

WSWS does become pro-Russian?

Why do not you write a short article to demolish WSWS on this? 

We are lacking of controversies... Do you think the WSWS recognizes its obvious mistake? Or he will turn a deaf ear?

Organizations are practically incapable of recognizing their mistakes ... that's why they usually sink to the final degeneration.

Moreover, in its history, has the ICC recognized already an important theoretical error?

It would be exceptional enough to be noticed...

Par for the course

Thanks for bringing this up. I've noticed this same attitude from the left-liberals at Counterpunch. It's stunning how quickly Putin has reedemed his reputation among leftists.

But is it really any surprise? One of Trotskyism's distinguishing deformities is its willingness to support any smaller capitalist state against a larger one. These are the people who supported Saddam Hussein in two wars (and opposed him in a third, only to support the Ayatollah).

I'm sure the ICC has written about this somewhere. Anyone care to point out something good?

I agree, there is nothing

I agree, there is nothing very surprising in a leftist group supporting Russia against the west, even if it's no longer even a "degenerated workers' state". WSWS can be quite radical, especially on the rade unions, but they are still leftist to the core. perhaps however we should write more about them because i dont recall that we have written about them in much depth before. 

The spartacists too!

For the spartacists too, Russia isn't imperialist. However, they have the nerve to quote Lenin in support of their argumentation, doubtless because they are crazy. This is the only explanation I find. The quotation is the famous lenin's definition of imperialism:


“Imperialism is capitalism at that stage of development at which the dominance of monopolies and finance capital is established; in which the export of capital has acquired pronounced importance; in which the division of the world among the international trusts has begun, in which the division of all territories of the globe among the biggest capitalist powers has been completed”

 Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, Ch. 7.

Yet Russia fills obviously all these criteria:

Dominance of monopolies: Gazprom (158G$), Rosneft (129G$), Lukoil (121.4G$)… If you believe that gazprom is not a typical imperialist company aiming at the world hegemony, see its Gas Exporting Countries Forum for exemple... A gigantic trust which controls 73 % of the world gas reserves, and 42 % of the gobal production!

Finance capital: Sberbank (58,1G$), VTB Bank (28,4G$)…

Exported capital: 157G$ in 2006, of whom 60G$ by only 25 companies

90G$ by the 25 bigest companies in 2007.

Russia "at the rescue" of the Greece:

Russia "at the rescue" of the racist french party "Front National":

etc., etc.

Without counting the multiple military interventions of Russia abroad to defend its sphere of influence (ex-Yougoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine, and now Syria…)

Russia is really a "standard" imperialist!

But not for the spartacists. If you read the article, the argument is totally incredible. Russia is the "soft cop for NATO" (sic!)... Russia havn't forein investments... Russia don't attack countries what are not ex-USSR (its natural territory of course)...

A totally unreal article.

maybe some "ethnic"

maybe some "ethnic" opportunism, who knows. sorry for my stupidity in general i mean :-/

100 million feels like a good

100 million feels like a good scape goat number (number of russians i guess)

but no way

In 1933, approximately 9.5

In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population

According to the 2011 census, the total population of the United Kingdom was around 63,182,000


... just saying. we're about to leave europe then sell off the bomb, with 8 years of "socialism" in america... and then we start fucking shit up